The blessing of virtual community


The blessing of virtual community

For a long time, I worked my magic in private. I was a “solitary practitioner” of my many traditions and practices, partly by choice and partly because I didn’t realize I had the option of seeking virtual community. I wish I’d known then what I know clearly now: When you learn, grow, and trust in a group of like-minded kindred souls, your work is more potent, the intentions you set are manifest more quickly, and you develop a network of peers and friends on whom you can rely when the going gets tough. More than friendships, these networks are connections you make based on mutual interests and practices. They are soul connections, based on trust and common goals. When facilitated well, they offer knowledge, experience, and intimacy that can transform your life.

I’ve been blessed to participate in these spaces, and now I hold and lead two of my own that are ongoing all year long: Gem Wise (a brand-new course on gems and minerals for men and women of any age) and Magical Sabbatical (a spiritual sisterhood of women deepening their magical practice by following the ancient Wheel of the Year). Registration for both of these courses opened on Beltane and is ongoing, though both begin in a few weeks. The first ‘class’ meeting for Gem Wise is May 17th and the opening ceremony for Magical Sabbatical is at the full Flower Moon on May 25th.

I hope you can join me for one of these programs and experience for yourself the blessing of virtual community. If you are drawn to both – as many are – there are unique levels of membership that entitle you access to both programs plus additional benefits. The “Circle” level offers access to Gem Wise and Sabbatical for one monthly charge, and the “Pentacle” level (the most popular) allows access to Gem Wise and Sabbatical plus you get the monthly ritual kits delivered right to your door AND you get a standing 15% off coupon to my Etsy boutique, good on all items all year.

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My programs have drawn the most beautiful, giving, kind, generous, and magical people since they began. Gem Wise has already attracted dozens of individuals from all backgrounds who want to become gem experts. And both programs offer affordable monthly payments so that everyone who wants to play is able, because creating virtual community is my soul’s work. I’d love to have you join me.

See you soon! Bright blessings of connection to you.

3 thoughts on “The blessing of virtual community

  1. I was called to join Magical Sabbatical because I too had always been a solitary practitioner and live in an area where, if there are a lot of like-minded souls, they are keeping themselves pretty quiet and hidden. I’ve always been a little self-conscious about my practice and I thought joining an online community would be a perfect balance. I could connect with other like-minded people, but also have the distance that I feel comfortable with. This space was my way of breaking myself into the idea of doing less solitary work and more group work. This space has been…so wonderful for me. I have made connections with some women that I know will be friends and sisters for life now. I’ve learned so much and found that I had knowledge to share as well. And yes, I’ve learned that when I work with this group and in this container, my magic has definitely gained potency. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking to branch out, learn more about their craft, meet wonderful, amazing people that will be friends for life, and have a place always to turn for positive love and support. Thank you, Athena for sharing your knowledge and for holding this space for us!

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