Invoking Soul Mate Erotic Love

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Invoking Soul Mate Erotic Love

Have you encountered your love soul mate? You’d know it if you have.

When the two of you touch, it’s as if centuries and millenia collide in a single moment.

When your eyes lock, you lose track of time and space. When you hear your beloved’s voice, your attention is drawn fully into the present moment.

The sound of your name spoken from his or her lips is the sweetest sound you’ve ever heard. I’m fortunate to have known this love. My body recorded the memories of these moments. Each touch, an imprint of one who has known me for thousands of years, who has touched my body a million times. And yet each time is new, an exploration of uncharted territory.

My surrender is involuntary. My body, a vessel. My soul, a channel.

If you’ve ever experienced an intense sexual relationship (over an evening, a month, or even years) then you know the high-vibrational frequency you build with another being when your bodies and energies entwine. The feeling of your hearts beating in synchronicity exhilarates you. The fire between you, set ablaze, rushes through your body. You begin to lose track of where you end and where your partner begins. No longer are you merely two people engaging in the physical act of sex; you are spiritual beings raising energy through desire and intimacy. Together you are invoking a force that is much bigger than you, and yet consequently connects you on a deep and subconscious soul level.

What about sex?

I could go on about sex for days and if you’d like more, you can read my blog – The 5 Energetic Principles of Sex. Sex is a transient and transactional act to many. The challenge is finding intimacy, which is not the same as sex. We all want a partner who can penetrate us on more than just a physical level (pun intended) – someone who sees you, who inspires you, who encourages you to drop all defenses and live authentically. Someone who can blanket you with love and safety. Intimacy is truly a spiritual experience – a mutual, ego-less, and pure sharing of space. Meeting this person, and sharing this soul union, will touch you deeply on many levels and change your life. 

Making love to a soul mate alters your DNA. It transforms your consciousness. It changes your life.

Feeling inspired? Well let me tell you this: What our eyes perceive to be the physical world represents only a fraction of reality. Solid matter, when examined closely, dematerializes on the molecular level into energy waves that encircle us and radiate through us. Basically, science is beginning to prove that we are indeed connected on much more than a surface level; we, my beloveds, are one. What this means for YOU is that you hold the power to manifest your desires. If we are all one, what you radiate and visualize will become your reality.

Do the erotic love dirty work!

Go deep into meditation and consult with yourself. What is it that you want? Are you healed, and prepared to open your heart space for love? If so, write down exactly what you want in a soul mate. Visualize the perfect partner, imagine this man or woman or this essence, and send your vision out into the multiverse. You’ll be (erotically) surprised to find what is returned to you.

If you are lucky enough to already have found your erotic love soulmate, and seek to deepen your bond, you can also utilize this exercise. Go into meditation and discover the root of your concern, be it lack of communication, loss of connection, diminishing confidence etc. Once you have gained clarity about the issue at hand, find ways to adjust your actions to better serve the relationship. When you are ready, visualize your relationship as you desire it, send the vision into the multiverse within a bubble of light, hold the intention, and watch the magic unfold.

I’ve designed a Bedside Altar Set specifically for this work – the honoring and summoning of erotic love. Keep the entire set in your bedroom to hold energies of love, boding, sexual attraction, and connection that mirrors the intense, beautiful union that I’ve described for you today. These tools are powerful, potent, and intentional. I believe in the creation of sacred space for specific intentions. If you’re ready to experience or deepen your experience of the erotic, look no further. I’m holding space for you.

May your relationship be filled with passion, desire, and erotic love!



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  1. Mine passed on, but, I still feel him and that wonderful connection. I don’t want to loose it, even though I know I should move on. I just can’t. What can you suggest to keep the bond going between the wall that’s between us?

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