Virgo – Pure, True, Best You

Astrology Virgo - Pure, True, Best You

Virgo – Pure, True, Best You

It’s Virgo Season, and this year, we’re giving it the attention it deserves. Virgo – Pure, True, Best You is a blog for everyone, not just Virgos. We all have Virgo in our birth charts somewhere. It’s the energy that helps us be, do, and live better. We don’t like someone pointing out our mistakes and weaknesses or finding them in ourselves, but without that awareness, how would we ever get to the next level? Virgo is not easy energy, but ironically, when done well, it brings ease. Problems don’t exist without solutions, and Virgo is tapped into both.

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What comes to your mind first with ‘Virgo?’ Someone stuck in the details? Someone working their life away in service of others? Most astrological books and memes out there paint that picture. It’s so easy to just see Virgo as hard-working and over-thinking with critical and controlling tendencies. It’s not the only controlling sign, but even when making things better, it seems to get less appreciation for its efforts. Scorpio is also into control, but all its seduction and mystery give it a sexier image. Capricorn’s another controller, but we kind of expect that from the authority of the zodiac. With Virgo, we see nitpicking – hyperfocus on details that drives some of us insane. Why is Virgo so obsessed with getting it right, or more importantly, not getting it wrong? It seems to be about the outside world, like cleaning the house, doing the task correctly, or fixing things and putting them where they belong. Those are just external attempts to do an inside job. The outward critical eye is attempting to analyze and perfect something within.

Let’s back up for a minute and talk about signs. Every sign is a domain of consciousness through which we develop, grow, and learn. Signs are energy fields. We think we’ve figured them out – with our keywords, books, and clever social posts, but really they’re beyond that, always revealing new aspects and wisdom. I like to think of signs as having agendas or motivations. They want something. So what’s Virgo’s agenda? It’s not just one thing, but if I had to narrow it down, I’d say self-accuracy and self-improvement. How do you get an accurate sense of self and be the best version of yourself? Work and health are two avenues that take you right there. When we get sick, or our job is tough, it chips away the self-image we try to maintain. Who are we really? Can we get well? Can we do the job better? And what tools or training (therapy or medicines) will we need to improve? Virgo attracts crises, small to large because that’s what helps us grow. And they teach us patience, tolerance, and devotion – more Virgoan qualities.

Yes, Virgo does have a deep obsessive need to get and set things right. Sometimes, adjustments are needed to make things better. Other times, nothing is ‘wrong,’ and there is nothing to fix. Virgos are learning many things, but let’s get back to the motivation to develop an accurate sense of self. This accurate sense of self has nothing to do with right or wrong. It’s the self that simply is – pure and whole unto itself. Virgo reminds us that we don’t have to be different from how and what we are. The purification process is not about cleaning something up that’s dirty. It’s about filtering out anything external to get to the pure nature of what something is. As ruler of the small intestines, Virgo is in charge of deciding what to absorb, assimilate, and release for elimination. This same process in the gut is happening in our mental, emotional, and energetic bodies. Virgo helps us serve ourselves by releasing impurities that are not in alignment with our true essence.

Virgo and Pisces are One Field of Energy

Virgo represents our separate human existence, but that’s just half of the picture. The polarity to Virgo is Pisces, and no thing is complete without its polarity point. While Virgo is earthy and physical, Pisces is watery and Spirit. Pisces is unconditional love, imagination, and magic. In Pisces consciousness, we’re not bound by space and time. In the Field, we’re interconnected – all the separate parts are a whole. Virgo teaches us how to be useful, how to serve, and how to make things a little bit better on the human plane. Virgo and Pisces together are living or embodied Spirit. Anytime you work with Virgo and Pisces, you engage the mystical channel that bridges above and below. You are the micro and macrocosm.

Make the Most of Virgo Season and Virgo New Moons

Virgo Season or Virgo New Moon is an invitation for gentle and sustainable personal growth and self-improvement. They’re the perfect time to initiate a new approach to health and healing, especially from a holistic view. If you need help prioritizing and sorting through the details of something, hone in on your ability to focus and apply critical thinking. If your physical digestive system is out of whack, it’s a reflection of how you take in and incorporate life in all forms. Virgo is about filtering on all levels – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. It can be so healing to free yourself from over-analysis and simply holding onto more than you can effectively manage. Remember that Virgo is wired to work hard, but not just at anything. Make sure the effort is useful and really worth it.

Face Challenges with Virgo’s Help

We talked about Virgo’s connection with crises, which are also challenges. We all face and will continue to face challenges. They’re part of existence, and healthy functioning Virgo is so good at getting real and dealing with the nuts and bolts of life. How we face challenges makes all the difference. While it may be hard, embracing Virgo energy can help you look at challenges in a fortunate way. You can choose to see them as opportunities to grow, learn, and experience. And to prove and realize the potential we have as individuals. Throughout the process, you can use Virgo’s powers of analysis to come to a place of understanding with yourself and others. Challenges are gateways to personal growth, and positively facing them makes you smarter and more confident for the next time. When you help yourself in this way, you prepare to help others in similar situations. You don’t need to know how you’ll work it all out but trust that you can meet whatever comes your way, one step at a time.

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