Righteousness, Renewal and Rebirth: March Numerology & Power Days.

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Righteousness, Renewal and Rebirth: March Numerology & Power Days.

As we greet March and the season of spring, we enter a time of rebirth and renewal. So what does March Numerology have in store for you?

March numerology

In January and February we ushered in the new year with the numerological energy of masculine 1 and feminine 2. Now we work with the numerological energy of 3 – the result of the union of 1 and 2. This energy is strongly rooted in creativity and a need to express emotions, ideas, and thoughts. Work with this energy to give birth to new ideas and projects in your life. If problems need solving, use this energy for finding creative solutions!

The energy of 3 corresponds with Jupiter, and Jupiter is the teacher of righteousness, justice, and self-illumination. According to Hindu scriptures, Jupiter is a planet of courage, boldness, power, knowledge, and speech. So take a moment to consider how you can harness these energies for the month ahead. Ostara is coming and we are stepping forward into the season of growth, rebirth, and renewal – it is time for action. Three is the number to back this up.

Power days

March 12th Full Moon in Virgo

The outlook is slightly dramatic with definite hints of tension, particularly when it comes to your existing relationships. The key to successfully navigating this energetically challenging time is to avoid stress. Stress will only aggravate matters and will further cloud your judgment. You do not want to create any more drama than there already will be. There is certainly a bright side, as this Full Moon will be a glorious opportunity to resolve any and all existing conflicts. This is still a time for celebrating fruition, bathing in the light, receiving, and opening wide to what is available. We can practice complete release of fear and surrender to the present moment. Use moonstone, selenite, and quartz in your work.

March 17th – St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick is adored in Ireland, and was known for being a humble and courageous saint. He is most known for using the clover as a symbol to teach The Holy Trinity. A rare religious figure, St. Patrick is viewed with reverence throughout Ireland by not only the Catholic community, but also within the Pagan community! St. Patrick never actually “ran the snakes out of Ireland”. Instead, he incorporated them so they wouldn’t lose their way of life. And instead of killing the Pagans, he taught them how to incorporate their beliefs into the new Christian system so their culture would not be lost. So take a moment on this day to honor the Old Ways and connect with our ancestors.

March 20th – Ostara/Spring Equinox

The Vernal Equinox and Ostara bring the return of light. The sun lines up with the Equator, bringing the Earth into a complete point of balance. Embrace and use this energy to balance all aspects of your life. Combined with the energies of the upcoming New Moon, this is such a powerful and magical time for new ideas to take root and begin flowering. Our roots to the Earth and our connection to her seasons go deep. Our ancient ancestors knew this and venerated the cycles accordingly. The Vernal Equinox is one of only two such magical times of the year when night and day are precisely balanced; the Wheel of the Year is sliced in half. Only on the equinox does the equator, the point of solar termination on Earth, line up with the Sun, creating this vortex of energy, this point of balance.

March 27th – New Moon in Aries

What intentions are you planting for this transformational month of March? This New Moon is the time for new beginnings and fresh intentions. Use the Aries energy of initiation, courage, and willpower to make bold new decisions that will catapult you forward on your path to the Highest Good. Be cautious, as Aries can bring impulsivity. Do not fear though, this is the time of stepping forward in faith. Bless your past, and let it go, so you may step forward into your new intentions with this New Moon. Initiate your new endeavors now, before Mercury retrograde in April. Metaphorically speaking, it can be a time to use our willpower and courage to plant some of those seeds we have been collecting either in recent months or even in recent years.

Above all, dear ones, have fun, and celebrate the ride.

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  1. Looking forward to setting my intentions in joshua tree tmrw. To start my a new decade of life. 3/3 will be my renewal and will celebrate under the stars looking toward Jupiter. To celebrate my 40th trip around the sun on Saturday. Get things started off with a BIG BANG!

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