Ostara Ritual Set for new beginnings and soul renewal

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My Ostara ritual set is here, just in time for the equinox.  On March 20th, the length of day and night grows equal as the sun crosses the equator. In the Northern Hemisphere, this marks the coming of spring. Magically, the vernal equinox is a time of celebration. We who practice the Old Ways honor the turn of season with ceremony, ritual, tool creation, and meditation.

In our tradition, Ostara – the goddess of spring – is seen as the patron deity of the Vernal Equinox. Our roots to the Earth and our connection to her seasons go deep. Our ancient ancestors knew this and venerated the cycles accordingly. The Vernal Equinox is one of only two such magical times of the year where night and day are precisely balanced; the wheel of the year is sliced in half. Only on the equinox does the equator, the point of solar termination on Earth, line up with the Sun, creating this vortex of energy, this point of balance.

When you celebrate the Equinox, you connect to all of our ancestors who have participated in ritual and ceremony on this occasion for millennia. This year we celebrate Ostara on March 20th, bringing the energy of light, hope, fertility, growth, and new beginnings. However, before we transition into the light-filled part of the year, we pause in ritual and recognition to honor the Old Ways; we take time to honor that point of balance between light and dark.

The magic of this Ostara ritual set

The first tool in your Ostara set is an Ostara candle. Lovingly hand rolled at our SG headquarters, your candle is made with sheets of light green, buttercup yellow, and ivory beeswax. It has also been anointed with my Ostara perfume and comes adorned with custom SG art and a beautiful Ostara blessing for you to read aloud.

You will also get a 15 mL bottle of my Ostara perfume. Ostara is a beautiful fruit and flower essence blend that emanates spring, renewal, and rebirth. It’s like walking through a garden in full magical bloom at the peak of spring in the warmth of April sunshine.

You will also receive a gemstone set with the following stones:

One green aventurine. Green aventurine is ideal for holding sacred space. It promotes personal growth, abundance, AND spiritual attunement. Green aventurine is a major workhorse stone that everyone needs to have. It brings major prosperity.

One natural polychrome jasper. This stone will help support your Root Chakra and strengthen your connection to the Earth, to other beings, and to the Universe. Polychrome jasper holds your hand and reminds you that you’re safe and worthy, helping you sustain tranquility and wholeness during stressful times.

 One rose quartz. Rose quartz is a stone of universal love energy – love for self and others. It draws love to you, brings peace during transition, and eases heartache. Working with rose quartz will gently open your Heart Chakra, healing your heart space, and will allow for natural, flowing communication.

One citrine. Citrine is a powerful Solar Plexus Chakra stone, and it can be used to help find your power and use your abilities to unlock your soul potential. This stone will help you tap into your inner confidence. If you need abundance in your life this is your stone. Citrine draws money like a magnet.

 One blue apatite. Blue apatite is called the guidance stone because it draws spirit guides and elders near. A Third Eye Chakra gemstone, blue apatite helps you become more receptive to important messages from the Higher Realms. A powerhouse gemstone, blue apatite also enlivens the Throat Chakra. It will be your supportive ally when the time comes to articulate the words of wisdom you will be receiving.

 One moss agate. Moss agate is the stone of grounding and rooting. This is a stone of balance, the yin and yang, the physical versus the intellectual. Moss Agate was considered a miraculous healing stone by tribal priests of the past, blessing them with the power to heal. Historically moss agate was used as a talisman for strength and victory.

You will also receive three Moringa seeds. Moringa seeds are very special. The Moringa tree, also known as the Horseradish tree, is originally from northwestern India. Every single part of this tree can be used. However, they can be planted very easily. Plant seeds 1” deep in soil and make sure to keep the soil moist. Growth will occur anywhere from 1-2 weeks.

Finally, you will also receive a sweet grass braid. This gorgeous plait will come wrapped in green sari silk, along with a rose and a metallic Tree of Life charm. Use this braid on your Ostara altar as an offering to the Goddess.

Ostara blessings. May these tools bring you all the joy and abundance which you desire. And so it is.

This listing is for one (1) Ostara set as described. You also have the option of just choosing the Ostara perfume, if you wish. Use the drop down menu to choose the offering which you feel called to. Yours will arrive lovingly parceled along with a parchment describing the properties of the stones in this set.



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