Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Each month Sage Goddess hosts events and classes online and in-person at our beautiful space in Torrance, California. Browse from our upcoming schedule below, and RSVP to join us live.


Wednesday, March 23rd @ 6 PM (PDT)

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March is when we celebrate the return of spring, and we awaken to the possibilities of the coming year. The vernal equinox is when we are balanced, as the days become equal in darkness and light. This month we celebrate Artemis, the goddess of the hunt, the moon, and the natural world. At March’s full moon, we honor her and her unbridled spirit, reigning over the plants and animals of the natural world that are returning to our vision with the arrival of spring. With this full moon, the days are growing longer, and the slumbering creatures in hibernation are waking up just in time to start their hunt! Winter has ended.
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