Viking Iolite Spheres for foresight and enhanced clairvoyant abilities

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These Viking Iolite Spheres are so rare and special. If you know anything about iolite, you know it’s a hard stone to source, which is why I’m so excited to offer these spheres to you. Iolite, also known as water sapphire, is one of my all-time favorite gems. It’s a stone of water magic, of finding your way through the voyage of life. The Vikings used it in translucent form to help them “see” their voyages in their Third Eye Chakra before they left the shore. They believed it helped show them dangers ahead, courses to take, and what they would find when they arrived at their destination. These Viking Iolite Spheres will help you see what lies ahead for your life as well, aiding you in taking the best course of action.

The deeper magic of these Viking Iolite Spheres

Iolite shows us areas of old fear and unhealed wounds; the ones we must face in order to begin healing, to grow in the present. With this clarity of inner sight, we can uncover parts of ourselves not known to our conscious mind. Iolite bridges our present mind with intuitive knowing, drawing a strong energetic link between our brain and heart. With this connection, iolite guides us in understanding what our heart truly wants. It’s a stone that increases the vividness and detail of vision, illuminating knowledge of past lives. It works with you to strengthen your inherent clairvoyant abilities.

Shamans use iolite to access the lower realms. Throughout mythology, the lower realm is described as a body of deep water that you navigate by boat with a knowledgeable guide to help you discern and translate the meaning of the winding path. This is the stone of the shaman as a navigational aid. If you help people understand their path to discovery, this stone is for you. If you seek to amplify your psychic powers this is your stone. Don’t forget a sphere stand to display your new treasure when not in use.

This listing is for one (1) Viking Iolite Sphere. I have three sizes to offer you: Small (about 2-2.5”), Medium (about 2.5-3”), and Large (about 3-3.5”). Please choose the size that calls to you from the drop-down menu. Yours will arrive lovingly parceled along with a single leaf of white sage and a card describing the properties of the stone.


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