September AroMagic Kit: Herbs and Oils for meditation, astral travel, and spiritual protection


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Our September AroMagic Kit: Herbs and Oils for meditation, astral travel, and spiritual protection is here! AroMagic is my co-ed course on aromatherapy and herbal magic. Each month, we will learn about two essential oils and two herbs that relate to a central theme. In September our theme is meditation, astral travel, and spiritual protection. Members will learn not only what the metaphysical properties and uses of the herbs and oils are, but how to use them to make DIY products for at-home use.

This kit is aligned with the herbs and oils we will study in September. Aromatherapy is one of my soul passions and talents, and I hope to share it with as many of you as possible. With this listing, you can purchase the herbs and oils we are going to cover in class. Because essential oils come from plants, they carry the energetic properties of the plant they were extracted from. So when you work with these sacred tools, you’re layering the energy of the plant medicine with the magic of aromatherapy. This is where the olfactory system, which is strongly linked to our deepest subconscious, comes in. We can literally tap into our deepest memories through the power of scent.

September AroMagic Kit: Herbs and Oils for meditation, astral travel, and spiritual protection

First, the herbs of September. You will receive one (1) tin each of these loose herbs: melissa true and uva ursi. Now, I can’t reveal too much here because we will be covering these herbs in our classroom in September.

Uva ursi (Arctostaphylos)

Associated with the Root Chakra, uva ursi helps protect and shield the user, increasing a grounded sense of self-protection. This herb can be carried as a talisman to expel excess fear. Associated with Saturn, it is especially protective of business, fortune, and earned success. In the same way it wipes out harmful physical bacteria attacking the body, it can facilitate energetic cleansing and the removal of blockages obstructing emotional and spiritual communication and flow.

Melissa true (Melissa officinalis)

Melissa true, also known as melissa, and lemon balm, dates back to ancient Ephesus, now known as Turkey, where it was planted near beehives. According to legend, the bees adored this herb above all others. Melissa in Greek translates to “bee”. The life of the bee was the model for Ephesian ceremony. Melissa was sacred to the temple of Goddess Diana (Artemis), and was called the “heart’s delight” in Southern Europe. The honeybee was considered to be a form the human soul took when descending from the Goddess Artemis herself. Melissa is prized for its ability to open us to the love of the Goddess.

The oils we will work with in September are cypress and orris root. You will receive one (1) dram each of these oils.

Cypress (Cupressus sempervirens)

Cypress is an evergreen tree with dark green leaves, small flowers and round gray-brown cones. It originated in the mediterranean and middle east. In Latin, cupressus translates to cypress. Sempervirens means “ever living”. The cypress tree has impressive longevity. Some have been found living up to 1000 years. Many cultures have used the cypress tree. It is known to repel insects and has a strong resistance to decay. Ancient Egyptians used this wood in coffins and in the mummification process. The Greeks built statues of their gods and goddesses with cypress. It was considered a sacred celtic tree and has been used for maypoles. Legends tell us Jupiter’s scepter and Cupid’s arrows are made with cypress.

Orris Root (Iris florentina)

Used as a traditional scent since the time of Ancient Greece, orris root essential oil carries a romantic fragrance with undertones of violet. Orris was one of the favorite flowers in medieval English and French gardens. It was the coat of arms of a Frankish king, Clovis I, who claimed his army was saved by the sight of orris growing in a river, signaling their safe crossing.  

Orris is a moon plant, particularly potent when used in divination and dream work. It has been used for ages to dig deep into the moon-ruled subconscious or psyche. The watery realms flow from the soul and open our hearts to emotional experiences, intuition, and connection to other dimensions and realities. Orris root is a wonderful tool for astral travel, meditation, and otherworldly exploration.

If you want to unlock all the secrets of these herbs and oils, you can enroll in time for next month’s class now. Learn more here

***September AroMagic Kit will also include a special bonus. You will receive a dram of Transmute, a sacred essential oil blend that you will absolutely love.***

Please note: Our Aromagic Oil, Orris, is being custom made, especially for us. Because of this, it is a pre-order item for class materials. Your tools will ship close to ordering time, but may be delayed (by a few days).

This listing is for one (1) September AroMagic Kit: Herbs and Oils for meditation, astral travel, and spiritual protection as described above: 2 herb tins (1 oz each) and 2 drams of essential oil (.0625 fl oz each). Yours will arrive lovingly wrapped and ready for your work.

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