• AroMagic Stretch Mark Oil to prevent the formation of stretch marks

    I created this AroMagic Stretch Mark oil as a natural remedy for stretch marks. This is the exact concoction I used during both of my pregnancies, so I know first-hand how well it works. Whether due to pregnancy, sudden weight gain, or hormonal fluctuations, this...
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  • Power Diffuser Dram for empowerment, clarity, and restoration

    You’re in for a treat with this 100% essential oil Power Diffuser blend with citrus notes such as tangerine and mandarin - intended to give you more power and confidence. Our bodies are vehicles for the sensory gifts we’re given and this essential oil is...
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  • AroMagic Bonus Kit: Passion Incense for fiery sexy time magic

    If you were in February's AroMagic class, then you remember me talking about a recipe for you to make a Passion Incense. I've decided to offer you this incense custom made at SG just for you, to go along with your widening collection of aromatherapy...
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  • Sage Goddess 2017 AroMagic Classes

    AroMagic is my new co-ed course on aromatherapy and herbal magic. Each month, we will learn about two essential oils and two herbs that relate to a central theme. Members will learn not only what the metaphysical properties and uses of the herbs and oils...
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