Palo Santo Turtles for ancient healing and strength

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Palo Santo turtles – a beautiful fusion of botanical healing and spirit animal medicine. Palo Santo is a sacred wood from Peru that has been used as indigenous medicine by shaman and energy workers of South America for centuries. I use Palo Santo all the time, whenever illness starts to arise. And delicately hand-carved into these turtle formations, they bring added strength.

The lesson of turtle is that slow and steady wins the race. This offering is a reminder of that truth. A symbol of the strong, wise, grounded turtle spirit. Turtles are connected to the element of Earth and hold ancient wisdom. Sturdy and slow-paced on land, their free-flowing agility in water represents peace, understanding, and the fluid nature of emotions. If turtle is your spirit animal, or you just need more of the energies of patience, determination, persistence, and strength, these pieces were carved just for you.

The magic of Palo Santo turtles

Palo Santo is usually burned as smudge, but you do not want to burn these totems. One way to soak in the healing magic without damaging your turtle is to place it in the shower, in an area where it is not in direct contact with the water. The steam from your shower will diffuse the oils and essences within this wood carving, surrounding you with a medicinal vapor. You can also hold your totem in meditation to absorb the healing through skin contact. At any other time, simply keep it on your altar for the sheer beauty of the wood, and to charge your surrounding tools with its healing vibration.

This listing is for one (1) Palo Santo turtle, about 3” in size, which will come beautifully parceled, with a white sage leaf to clear energies.

Blessings of deep healing magic,

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