New Moon Intention Set: Blue Velvet Bag with Intention Stone Set

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As I taught in our September new moon ritual, quartz is a powerful stone you can use to anchor and hold the vibration of your intentions each month at the new moon. I like to visualize placing my intentions, one by one, into the indigo velvet ‘bag of possibility’ which is also included with this set, along with a tumbled Labradorite stone, the gem of the new moon, new visions, and new beginnings. Your set of 5 gems plus bag comes with a white sage leaf to clear the energies, if you desire, and has been packaged during the new moon phase to heighten the energy of the tools.

This listing is for one blue velvet bag, four quartz points anointed with our Dark Moon perfume, and a tumbled Labradorite stone to hold as you write and program your intentions for the lunar cycle ahead. Blessings as you set your sights upon a new course in your life!

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