Natural Dream Amethyst for manifestation, inspired visioning, and restful sleep

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These natural dream amethyst gemstones are, quite simply, a dream. Dazzling, daring, and ornate in their beauty, these crystals are pure love, peace, and magic. Natural dream amethyst is banded amethyst, or chevron amethyst – a combination of amethyst, quartz, and smoky quartz. The multi-colored banding within this stone reveals a layered trinity of gemstones in gorgeous swirling grays, whites, and purples. In these pieces, each of which has been anointed with my Reve Perfume, you will get the peaceful properties of amethyst, the magnifying properties of quartz, and the protective and purifying properties of smoky quartz. What a holy trinity of gemstone magic all wrapped in one. Could this be a dream? No, it’s not – these gems are the real thing!

The deeper magic of natural dream amethyst

Banded amethyst is a stone of the Third Eye Chakra, powerful in enhancing intuition and clearing the aura. It creates a protective bubble around you, wrapping you in a shield to ward off psychic attacks and negative energy. It also mitigates your resistance to change, helping you grow spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. Banded amethyst is also a powerful manifestation stone and works especially well in crystal grids. It is said to deepen meditation and enhance the quality of visions and inspiration received from the Higher Realms.

When anointed in Reve Perfume, these natural dream amethyst crystals take on an even higher vibration of the dream state, invoking a sense of peace and full rest. Reve, which means “dream” in French, is a tranquility serum designed to help you rest fully and achieve deep, restful sleep. Intoxicating and pure, this potion contains notes of wild provence lavender and petitgrain sur fleurs combined with spearmint and palmarosa, all ingredients known to induce relaxation and prepare the mind and body for sleep.

Keep your anointed natural dream amethyst crystals on your nightstand to call forth a deep and peaceful night’s sleep. Meditate with your gem to receive inspired messages and visions from the higher dimensions. Hold your amethyst close and allow its energy to permeate your being with greater joy, love, awareness, and peace.

This listing is for one (1) piece of natural dream amethyst about 1-2” in size. Yours will arrive lovingly parceled along with a single leaf of white sage and a card describing the properties of the stone.

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