Egyptian Cat Figurines for attracting love, invoking unity, and protection of the home


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These Egyptian cat figurines will attract the protective, and family strengthening, energies of Bastet into your home. I keep one by my front door to ward off negative energy and invite love into my household. I envision the spirit of the cat roaming around me and my family, unifying us and nourishing us with its strong and loving spirit. These particular cat figurines are made of wood, strengthening their protective and grounding properties. These cats symbolize your family’s ability to endure anything and stay united and filled with love even in times of hardship.

The magic of these Egyptian cat figurines

The cat is one of the most prominent symbols in Ancient Egyptian religion, serving as a representation of protection, family, fertility, and love. The Ancient Egyptians revered cats for protecting their homes from threats such as snakes and scorpions and worshipped a Cat Goddess named Bastet, who was often represented as half feline, half woman. Bastet was regarded to be a fierce protector of the home, especially of children and royalty.

As Egyptian cats became more domesticated over time, Egyptians began regarding cats not as feral animals, but rather as members of the family to be treated with immense love and respect. As the ancient Egyptians’ perception of cats evolved, Bastet’s image changed as well, from one of fierce protection to a softer image of family, fertility, and love.

These cats are all carved in a variety of styles and poses. Allow us to choose one for you we feel will suit you best.

This listing is for one (1) Egyptian cat figurine, about 1.5-2” tall. Yours will arrive lovingly parceled for your enjoyment and delight. Keep in mind that each figurine is unique and no two look alike. Feel confident that the one meant to find you, will find you.

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