Chakra Attuned Selenite Stakes for light and alignment

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The energy of these chakra attuned selenite stakes is just incredible. Each of the seven chakra colors and symbols has been printed onto these stakes right here in the SG shop. Beautiful! I believe that when you heal your chakras, you heal your life. Striving to consciously align, activate, and heal these seven discs of inner light is a key component of the work we do. It is part of the journey towards enlightenment. This offering enables you to marry chakra magic with the high vibrational light energy of selenite.

How to work with these chakra attuned selenite stakes

Selenite is known as The Happiness Stone. It raises the vibration in any space and attunes you to the Greater Good of all beings, the consciousness of your Higher Self. This stone is gentle, peaceful, yet strong, and potent. Negative energy cannot persist in its vibrational presence. Selenite is a go-to stone for many healers and energy workers. It’s a favorite among Reiki practitioners because it purifies energies and brings light to darkness. It’s also a stone of attunement.

Hold this stake loosely with both of your hands as you sit for meditation. Envision your chakras as spinning discs of color and allow them to align in support of your intention. You can alternately focus on one specific chakra that you feel is blocked or holding negativity. As you engage in this visualization, selenite’s white rays will surround you and envelope your space in clear, joyful energies. Absorb this healing energy and send it back out into the world whenever you’re ready.

***LOVE NOTE: Selenite is fragile – be careful not to get it wet.

This listing is for one (1) chakra attuned selenite stake, about 5” long. Yours will arrive lovingly gift-wrapped for your pleasure and delight, with a card to describe the properties of selenite and a white sage leaf for clearing energies.

Blessings of Alignment,

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