• Euthenia Solid Perfume

      for luxurious and enriching self-care

      $15.20 with coupon code
      <p>This gorgeous balm is crafted with ginger, gardenia, and camphor, and the VERY special muhuhu, blended in babassu oil, beeswax, cocoa beans, and avocado and shea butters.</p>
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    • Prehnite with Epidote Heart for Self-Care

      $25.08 with coupon code
      Are you a healer, helper, or practitioner of any kind? If so, this Prehnite with Epidote Heart for Self-Care is for you. This beautiful offering is carved from stone sourced from Mali. Prehnite is the healer’s stone and holds you as you hold others, bringing...
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    • Pink Moss Agate Generator

      for self-love

      $12.92 - $29.64 with coupon code
      <p><span style="font-weight: 400;">Self-love is the cornerstone of true happiness, and this Pink Moss Agate Generator is just what you need to open your heart and learn to love yourself the way you should.</span></p>
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    • Authentic Kansa Foot Massage Bowl

      for energy flow

      $33.44 with coupon code
      Calm your mind, harmonize your body, and take your self-care rituals up a notch with this Authentic Kansa Foot Massage Bowl. This golden healing tool was custom-made just for Sage Goddess from pure brass and features the SG logo on the bottom of the bowl....
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    • Tumbled Golden Healer Quartz

      for self-care and opulence

      $2.28 with coupon code
      The simplest way to attract prosperity is to prioritize physical and spiritual health. This Tumbled Golden Healer Quartz from Madagascar is a reminder that when you take care of your body, mind, and spirit, the rest will come naturally. Golden healer quartz supports self-healing, prioritizing...
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    • Green Aventurine, Rose Quartz, and Prehnite with Epidote Heart Chakra Sphere

      $34.20 - $38.00 with coupon code
      Open your heart to love, healing, and all kinds of abundance with this Green Aventurine, Rose Quartz, and Prehnite with Epidote Heart Chakra Sphere. This beautiful piece was custom-made just for Sage Goddess, and the stones were sourced from India. It’s part of our series...
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    • Natural prehnite with epidote for self-care and healthy boundaries

      $15.20 - $25.08 with coupon code
      Are you a mystic, intuitive, psychic, healer, or someone in the medical field? If so, this natural prehnite with epidote is for you. And these stones are truly special - you can clearly see the structure and growth patterns within each one! If there’s one...
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