• Limitless Gemstone Ring

      for infinite possibilities

      <p>This .925 sterling silver ring features an adjustable band. Its unique design looks almost split open, flanked with eight bezel-set crystals: Peridot, purple spinel, kunzite, blue topaz, amethyst, rhodolite garnet, white topaz, and spessartine garnet.</p>
    • Tucson Unpacking: Hypersthene & Rhodolite Garnet Ring

      for calm & healing

      <p>This ring showcases a hypersthene, accented by two round rhodolite garnets — bezel-set in antiqued .925 sterling silver. Hypersthene offers clarity, control, presence, and centeredness to even the busiest of minds. Rhodolite garnet is a healing gem that activates the Root and Heart Chakras.</p>
    • One With Love Ruby, Rhodolite Garnet & White Topaz Mandala Pendant

      I’m so excited to bring you this One With Love Ruby, Rhodolite Garnet & White Topaz Mandala Pendant! Custom-made just for Sage Goddess, this pendant features a mandala design crafted from .925 sterling silver. At its center lies a round ruby cabochon sourced from India,...
    • Grounded Growth Smoky Quartz & Rhodolite Garnet Flower Necklace

      Safeguard yourself from negativity wherever you go with this new Grounded Growth Smoky Quartz & Rhodolite Garnet Flower Necklace — I selected this piece just for you! Custom-made for Sage Goddess with .925 sterling silver, this stunning offering features a smoky quartz oval cabochon carved...
    • Elder Council Journeying Set

      for spiritual guidance

      When I seek deep, life-altering wisdom, I go to the elders. If you want to access profound spiritual guidance, my Elder Council Journeying Set is here to support you as we travel in ceremony to other worlds. Elder Council is a meditation I lead for...
    • Natural Rhodolite Garnet

      for inspiration and healing

      Invite inspiration and healing with this Natural Rhodolite Garnet from Afghanistan. Rhodolite garnet features all the flash and fire of garnets, with hues ranging from rose red to pale violet. It’s a stone of inspiration and encourages love, kindness, and compassion. Rhodolite garnet is also...

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