• Campo del Cielo Meteorite

    to invoke otherworldly energies

    This Campo del Cielo Meteorite is back in stock! This offering triggers such a strong physical reaction in almost anyone who touches it. I will say this: It’s not a beginner stone. This is some serious, next-level magic. If you feel drawn to bring this...
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  • Purple Fluorite Octahedron

    for enhanced psychic ability and soul work

    This Purple Fluorite Octahedron will help you unlock the depths of your soul and dive deeper into your inner work. Purple fluorite resonates with the Crown Chakra, sharpening your psychic ability, clarifying your dharma, and attracting new opportunities. In the shape of an octahedron, the...
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  • Dumortierite Heart of Expanded Vision

    for psychic power

    Seeking answers in the realm of love? This Dumortierite Heart of Expanded Vision will be your guide. It was custom-made just for Sage Goddess, and the stone was sourced from Brazil. Dumortierite is a stone of psychic ability, divine inspiration, higher guidance, and mental discipline....
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  • Tumbled Chalcopyrite: Small

    for transformation and magic

    This Tumbled Chalcopyrite from Peru is perfect for anyone needing to make changes. Chalcopyrite is all about transformation, transmutation, and shape-shifting into whatever you need to be to manifest your dreams. It’s even associated with invisibility - known to help you be invisible when needed....
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  • Natural Dumortierite

    for divine inspiration and wisdom

    Are you ready for higher wisdom and inspiration? Then this Natural Dumortierite from Brazil is for you. Dumortierite opens the Third Eye for expanded vision and is also a powerful bringer of peace and patience. It serves as a potent source of comfort for anyone...
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  • Healing Path Purple Fluorite and Goethite in Quartz Generator

    What is your divine role on this planet - your highest purpose? This Healing Path Purple Fluorite and Goethite in Quartz Generator will help you find it. This generator is a new find from China, incorporating the magic of three powerhouse gems. Purple fluorite helps...
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  • Rhodizite Crystals

    for tiny but mighty attraction magic

    Sometimes mighty magic comes in teeny tiny packages like these Rhodizite Crystals from Madagascar! These pieces are really small so you’re receiving two! Rhodizite is a powerful attraction stone. This high vibrational gem is like the Law of Attraction in crystal form and helps you...
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  • Trolleite Manifestation and Attraction Angel

    Welcome in more money, more power, and simply more of what you desire with this Trolleite Manifestation and Attraction Angel from Brazil. Trolleite helps you manifest what you need for your soul path and highest good. It’s a powerful manifestation stone that draws what you...
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  • Natural Auralite 23

    for emotional and physical healing

    Call in complete emotional and physical healing with this powerful Natural Auralite 23. These natural pieces are straight from the Auralite 23 mine in Canada. Auralite 23 is a master healer of the Crown Chakra and eases emotional and physical trauma, including easing inflammation. This...
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  • Natural Chalcopyrite

    for magical transformation

    Do you require some serious transformational magic? Then this Natural Chalcopyrite from Mexico is your offering! Chalcopyrite, also known as peacock ore and the witch’s stone, is all about invisibility, rebirth, ancient wisdom, and magic. Work with this crystal when you desire much-needed change and...
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  • Patience Palm Stone

    to slow down and stay in the moment

    If you wish to slow down and stay in the moment, this Patience Palm Stone from Brazil is your offering. This palm stone is carved from dumortierite, a stone that opens the Third Eye for expanded vision. It’s a powerful bringer of peace and patience...
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  • Chalcopyrite with Dolomite Rebirth Sphere

    Emerge anew, like spring, with this Chalcopyrite with Dolomite Rebirth Sphere from China! Chalcopyrite, also known as peacock ore and the Witch’s Stone, is a gem of ancient wisdom, magic, and transformation. Dolomite is a powerful stone of grounding and centering. It helps you reach...
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  • Natural Siderite with Chalcopyrite

    for alignment, renewal, and wisdom

    Align your energy centers and feel renewed with this Natural Siderite with Chalcopyrite from China. Siderite is a Solar Plexus Chakra stone that aligns the meridians and subtle bodies. Chalcopyrite is all about transformation, and ancient wisdom, and magic. Together, these two powerhouse crystals amplify...
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  • Faceted Fluorite

    for discovering and manifesting your soul purpose

    Bring the cool and calming energy of the ocean right into the palm of your hand with this gorgeous Faceted Fluorite. The rich teal and purple colors open and activate your Throat and Crown Chakra for clarity, calm, and a greater awareness of your soul’s...
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  • Tumbled Tiffany Stone

    for high vibes, psychic ability, and passion

    Raise the vibe, open your psychic senses, and turn on the passion with this stunning Tumbled Tiffany Stone. This beautiful gem is an opalized form of fluorite, so it shares metaphysical properties with both opal and fluorite for transformation of low vibrations. It's a high-frequency...
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  • Natural Purple and Green Apatite

    for chakra balancing and wellness

    Get ready for deep healing with this Natural Purple and Green Apatite! These gorgeous clusters combine the balancing properties of purple apatite with the potent healing energy of green apatite. Purple apatite is a healing crystal that balances your energy centers, clearing all chakras and...
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