• Campo del Cielo Meteorite

      to invoke otherworldly energies

      $2.19 with coupon code
      This Campo del Cielo Meteorite is back in stock! This offering triggers such a strong physical reaction in almost anyone who touches it. I will say this: It’s not a beginner stone. This is some serious, next-level magic. If you feel drawn to bring this...
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    • Scapolite in Hornblende Health and Success Vogel

      $21.90 - $29.20 with coupon code
      Are you looking for a potent tool to channel infinite healing and prosperity? If so, this Scapolite in Hornblende Health and Success Vogel is your offering. This piece was custom-made for Sage Goddess, and the stone was sourced from India. Scapolite is a powerful ally...
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    • Natural Pollucite

      for angelic connection and developing your psychic gifts

      $10.95 - $51.10 with coupon code
      The celestial realms are here to help your psychic abilities grow with this Natural Pollucite from Pakistan! Pollucite is a super RARE stone in the zeolite family. It’s a high vibrational gem that facilitates angelic connection and psychic and mediumship development. Pollucite is a potent...
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    • Quantum Otto: Small Tumbled

      for abundant energetic healing

      $2.92 with coupon code
      This Tumbled Quantum Otto is full of potent restorative powers. “Otto” means “8” in Italian, and quantum otto is named after the mind-blowing mix of EIGHT different vibration-raising, energy-conducting, healing stones and minerals it contains. The number 8 represents abundant flow and wisdom, as well...
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