• Green Apophyllite Natural Cube

      for life force and healing

      Soak up the sweet, gentle vibes of this Green Apophyllite Natural Cube — a rare form of apophyllite that resonates with the life force of every living element in nature. Known as a Master Healer stone, it brings healing to the Earth and all her...
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    • Tumbled Yellow Prehnite

      for healing and peace

      Nurture yourself as you nurture others with this NEW Tumbled Yellow Prehnite. Yellow prehnite is the healer’s stone that holds you as you hold others, bringing comfort and peace. It’s a rare form of prehnite — most specimens are light green, so finding this gem...
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    • Infinite Healing African Bloodstone Generator

      for wellness

      Tap into an unlimited wellspring of restorative energy with this eight-sided Infinite Healing African Bloodstone Generator, custom-made just for Sage Goddess. Eight is the number of abundance and infinity. It represents abundant flow, wisdom, and prosperity of mind, body, and spirit. Bloodstone is a master...
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    • Tumbled Witch’s Finger Quartz

      for awareness and courage

      Expand your awareness and dispel fears with this Tumbled Witch’s Finger Quartz. It gets its name from the look of its natural state, which resembles the gnarled, knotted fingers of a witch. Witch’s finger quartz brings sensitivity and sensibility to the world surrounding you. It...
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    • Natural Melanite Garnet

      for psychic protection

      Feel the protective power of this Natural Melanite Garnet! Melanite garnet, also known as black garnet, is a powerful Earth Star and Root Chakra activation stone that offers psychic protection, filters and removes unwanted energies from your field, and preempts psychic challenges before they can...
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    • Embrace Your Path Garnierite Flame

      for celebrating your journey

      Let your soul burn bright with this Embrace Your Path Garnierite Flame! Garnierite is a very unique and rare stone that encourages you to embrace your Divine Self. It’s a rare variety of serpentine that gets its bright green color from the presence of nickel,...
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    • Healing and Prosperity Yellow Infinite Stone Sphere

      for wellness

      To infinity and beyond with this Healing and Prosperity Yellow Infinite Stone Sphere! This gorgeous carving was custom-made just for Sage Goddess. Infinite stone is a combination of serpentine and chrysotile and holds the magic of both gems plus special properties of its own. It’s...
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    • Natural Peach Moonstone

      for creative flow

      Tap into your inner muse with this Natural Peach Moonstone. Peach moonstone is a powerful Sacral Chakra gem that boosts creativity and brings artistic inspiration. It’s also a manifestation stone — especially in manifesting creative ideas and projects. Work with this offering to fan the...
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    • Heart Healing Pink Agate in Quartz Generator

      for loving creativity

      Open up to love, creativity, and tranquility with this Heart Healing Pink Agate in Quartz Generator! Pink agate heals and opens the heart space, helping you give and receive from a space of flow rather than a space of lack. This stone helps you to...
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    • Tucson Unpacking: Intuitively Chosen Natural Etched Beryl

      for high vibes

      Raise the vibe with another incredible find from the Tucson Gem Show! I’m SO excited to bring you this Intuitively Chosen Natural Etched Beryl. Beryl is found all over the world and is renowned for its dazzling colors and uplifting properties. This offering is etched,...
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    • Zodiac Magic Sphere

      for astrological gifting

      Look no further for the PERFECT holiday gift for the astrology lover in your life with this Zodiac Magic Sphere. We love the stars and all things astrological here at Sage Goddess and we know you do, too! These gorgeous glass spheres have been engraved...
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    • Reveal Your Story Gemini Full Moon Set

      for ritual with Athena

      Let your feelings flow into words and speak from the heart with my Reveal Your Story Gemini Full Moon Set! This set is all about working with Gemini energy and the clever wit that empowers this lively and social sign. With this offering, you’ll receive...
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    • Gemstone Zodiac Sign Rings

      for cosmic empowerment

      What’s your sign? Whatever it is, I’ve got an offering just for you! These Gemstone Zodiac Sign Rings are designed to celebrate and heighten the energies of each zodiac sign. These adjustable .925 sterling silver rings are custom-made just for Sage Goddess and each one...
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