• Blessed Intentions Gemstone Grid

    to manifest it all

    $ 39.00
    Can I tell you how excited I am about this Blessed Intentions Gemstone Grid? This is a beautiful offering and I’m thrilled to finally see it come to fruition! What do you wish to manifest? Gratitude? Love? Joy? Healing? Prosperity? Positivity? How about all of...
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  • Ultra Healing Bloodstone Flower Bowl with Perfume and Gem Set

    $ 49.00$ 69.00
    Let the power of spring and this Ultra Healing Bloodstone Flower Bowl with Perfume and Gem Set help you experience the ultimate in wellness! With the emergence of this season, a wave of hope and possibility follows, and we're given the chance to start anew....
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  • Healing Hexagon Gemstone Tray

    for wellness and sacred geometry magic

    $ 19.00$ 29.00
    Infuse your home and creative space with some potent wellness and sacred geometry magic with this Healing Hexagon Gemstone Tray. This tray will make a perfect addition to your altar or could even be placed on your desk, nightstand, or armoire to hold your sacred...
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  • Keep It Cool 2020 Priestess Gemstone Set for keeping it together

    $ 17.00
    We all know 2020 has been beyond unusual and if you're a priestess, you’ve probably been called to step up to a greater level of service. The year is not yet over and to help you navigate the remainder of 2020, I created this Keep...
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