• Rhodochrosite Self-Love Barrel Bead

    for compassion

    Soothe and open your heart space with this Rhodochrosite Self-Love Barrel Bead! This bead is perfect for crafting and jewelry-making — especially if you’re looking to create pieces that inspire more self-love. It also works perfectly as a guru bead on a mala! Rhodochrosite, known...
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  • Soul Shift August 2022 Tools: Evil Eye Kitchen Guard Crafting Set

    Soul Shifters, if you missed out on our Soul Shift August 2022 tools, you’re in luck - you can now get this Evil Eye Kitchen Guard Crafting Set on its own. This set comes with an evil eye charm, tiger’s eye, clear quartz, and blue...
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  • Ruby and Sapphire Cabochons for blazing passion and intuitive magic

    Ignite your passion and tap into your intuitive magic with these Ruby and Sapphire Cabochons! The price and quality of these beauties are incredibly competitive! Not all of these are star stones, but a lot of them are! You may be a lucky one who...
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  • Holographic Healing Iris Agate Cabochons for alignment and wholeness

    Access exactly what you need for wholeness with these Holographic Healing Iris Agate Cabochons! Iris agate displays the entire spectrum of colors when light shines through its very thin bands, so it’s like staring directly into a rainbow. It promotes honesty, centers and grounds you,...
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  • Bronzite cabochons for releasing what no longer serves you and crafting

    Are you having a challenge releasing something or someone you know you must part with? Bronzite is here to support you in that release, helping you navigate life’s transitions with ease and poise. Bronzite is a beautiful stone that teaches us the art of letting...
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