• Fingerprint Impression Crafting Set

      for capturing your unique magic

      <p>This custom-curated offering is for a bonus Apothecary session I’ll be offering on Tuesday, April 30, 2024. We’ll use this set to make an altar ornament, infusing it with the magic of flowers, herbs, and gems.</p>
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    • Beltane Ceremony Set for Sacred Sensuality

      for live YouTube event with Dr. Athena Perrakis

      <p>My Beltane Ceremony Set for Sacred Sensuality is all about capturing the passion, creativity, and unapologetic appreciation of the pleasure that this fiery and euphoric holiday brings.</p>
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    • Run Wild and Free Sagittarius New Moon Set

      for live YouTube event with Athena

      Close your eyes and imagine riding bareback on a horse through the night — the cool wind whipping through your hair and the new moon barely a whisper of a crescent on the horizon in front of you. Channel these energies of adventure and untamed...
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    • Rhodochrosite Self-Love Barrel Bead

      for compassion

      Soothe and open your heart space with this Rhodochrosite Self-Love Barrel Bead! This bead is perfect for crafting and jewelry-making — especially if you’re looking to create pieces that inspire more self-love. It also works perfectly as a guru bead on a mala! Rhodochrosite, known...
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    • Soul Shift August 2022 Tools: Evil Eye Kitchen Guard Crafting Set

      Soul Shifters, if you missed out on our Soul Shift August 2022 tools, you’re in luck - you can now get this Evil Eye Kitchen Guard Crafting Set on its own. This set comes with an evil eye charm, tiger’s eye, clear quartz, and blue...
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    • Chrysocolla cabochons to help you find your voice in the world

      Chrysocolla holds such deep magic. It’s like staring into a beautiful green-blue ocean, and these chrysocolla cabochons will mesmerize you. More than any other stone, chrysocolla allows you to express yourself freely, and it helps you channel universal wisdom about your soul path. I’m offering...
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