• Dewi Sri Intention Candle

    for prosperity and wealth

    $ 19.00
    My Dewi Sri Intention Candle was inspired by My Dewi Sri Goddess of Fertility Perfume from my Prosperity Perfume Trio. Dewi Sri is the pre-Hindu, pre-Islamic goddess of abundance, agriculture, and fertility, still widely worshipped in Indonesia. She’s regarded as an incarnation of Lakshmi, the...
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  • Dewi Sri Incense Sticks

    for prosperity and abundance

    $ 8.00
    Call forth the abundance you deserve with my Dewi Sri Incense Sticks. These sticks are made with my Dewi Sri Goddess of Fertility Perfume, one fragrance in my Prosperity Perfume Trio. It features a blend of champaka, sandalwood, gardenia, baag ban, cedarwood, and a VERY...
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  • Wealth and Health Perfume

    for manifesting on all levels

    $ 34.00
    My Wealth and Health Perfume is BACK in stock with the same potent manifesting power that so many of you love - just in time for May, the month of money magic and manifestation of all kinds, on all levels. This blend will anchor and...
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  • Synergy 12 Perfume

    for spiritual ascension and supreme crystal magic

    $ 32.00
    My Synergy 12 Perfume is a special blend in honor of a potent group of crystals! Are you familiar with the Synergy 12? It’s an elite group of high-vibrational crystals believed to activate the light body and enhance and accelerate the process of spiritual evolution...
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  • Ultimate Elder Council Perfume

    for entering the temple of ancient wisdom

    $ 42.00
    Are you ready for some ultimate magic? This Ultimate Elder Council Perfume is some serious ceremonial potion designed to enhance spiritual connection. It's a guiding scent when entering that very sacred space of the Elder Council – the place outside of time where your guides...
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  • Temple of the Priestess Perfume

    for remembering ancient times

    $ 32.00
    Once part of my Priestess Perfume Duo, my Temple of the Priestess Perfume is back and now on its own! This blend will take you back to the temples of times past. This potent potion is blended with pure essential oils of cinnamon bark, cedarwood,...
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