• Brass Snake Incense Spoon

      for transformation

      <p>This beautiful brass spoon was custom-made just for SG and is perfect for scooping your favorite powdered incense and resin. It features a gorgeously detailed snake as the handle.</p>
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    • Intuitively Chosen Gemstone & Brass Sphere Stand

      to support your gemstones

      <p>This offering features a hand-carved gemstone stand with brass detailing. It has a tiered design crafted from stone sourced from India. You could receive yellow aventurine, red aventurine, or quartz.</p>
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    • Triple Moon Brass Bell

      for sound healing & moon magic

      <p><span style="font-weight: 400;">Bells are said to attract positive spirits, and we use them as a call to ritual and prayer. They symbolize beginnings and endings and are associated with expansion of consciousness and spiritual connection.</span></p>
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    • Brass Bell Wall Hanging

      for spiritual connection

      <p>This hanging was custom-made and features a handmade brass bell suspended from a hand-embroidered ribbon of sari silk. Bells are said to attract positive spirits and are used as a call to ritual and prayer.</p>
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    • Brass Moon Phases Wall Hanging

      for lunar magic

      <p>Hang this piece above your altar or anywhere in your home to call in soothing lunar energy and connect with the Moon’s magic in all phases of life.</p>
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    • Ancient Lakshmi Lock and Key

      for unlocking abundance

      Open the door to divine wealth with this Ancient Lakshmi Lock and Key! This lock and key is made with brass with a beautiful green antique finish, and it features the image of Lakshmi — the Hindu goddess of beauty, abundance, and luck. Keep this...
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    • Hanging Brass Bells

      for sound healing

      Do you love being serenaded by the rhythmic sounds of chimes? If so, you’ll love these Hanging Brass Bells. I have some of these bells myself, and I work with them as a tool to train my dog — give it a try with your...
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    • Flower of Life Chalice

      to celebrate divine inspiration

      Toast to the universal flow of creative energy with this Flower of Life Chalice! This gorgeous piece was custom-made just for Sage Goddess from lead-free brass. It’s engraved with the Flower of Life — the 'fingerprint of creation' and divine inspiration. Chalices have been used...
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    • Authentic Kansa Foot Massage Bowl

      for energy flow

      Calm your mind, harmonize your body, and take your self-care rituals up a notch with this Authentic Kansa Foot Massage Bowl. This golden healing tool was custom-made just for Sage Goddess from pure brass and features the SG logo on the bottom of the bowl....
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    • Healing Vibes Portable Brass Singing Bowl

      for wellness

      Release your stress as you raise your frequency with this Healing Vibes Portable Brass Singing Bowl. This offering features a brass singing bowl attached to an adjustable-length rod that arrives covered with a comfort grip. This grip doesn’t affect the sound of the bowl, but...
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    • Living Magic February 2023 Tools: Brass Singing Bowl

      If you missed out on our February 2023 Living Magic tools, now’s your chance to experience the magic of this Brass Singing Bowl! This brass singing bowl comes with a mango wood mallet and a round, black satin cushion with cotton filling and a hole...
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    • Brass Chalice Pair

      for well-being and wisdom

      Cheers to more spiritual well-being and wisdom with this Brass Chalice Pair! This custom-made offering combines the purifying and strengthening properties of brass with the age-old power of the chalice. Chalices have been used for centuries in rituals, rites, and religious ceremonies. In Wiccan traditions,...
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    • Copper and Brass Energy Balancing Harmonizer Set

      Bring your masculine and feminine energies into a state of flow with this Copper and Brass Energy Balancing Harmonizer Set. This gorgeous custom set includes a copper harmonizer to channel yin or feminine energies and a brass harmonizer to channel yang or masculine energies. Each...
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    • Confidence Key

      for unlocking your inner power

      If you missed out on my Leo New Moon Unlock Your Confidence Set, now’s your chance to get in on some of the magic! This Confidence Key unlocks the empowered and courageous nature of Leo that this New Moon evokes. It was custom-made just for...
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    • Living Magic March 2023 Tools: Outdoor Brass Chime

      for tranquility

      If you missed out on our March 2023 Living Magic tools, now’s your chance to get in on the magic with this Outdoor Brass Chime! This chime was custom-made just for Sage Goddess and features five brass chimes strung on a sturdy black cotton cord,...
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    • Flower of Life Suncatcher

      for divine inspiration

      Have you been feeling a little uninspired lately? Invite creative energy straight from the universe into your home with this NEW Flower of Life Suncatcher. This beautiful offering is topped with a large blue Flower of Life, with two mini versions of this and a...
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