• Gemstone Sale: Pink Himalayan Quartz Cluster

    This Pink Himalayan Quartz Cluster holds such powerful healing magic. Himalayan quartz carries the energetic vibration of the healers who’ve lived in the Himalayan mountain region for centuries. It provides a strong and clear connection to higher wisdom and stimulates the Third Eye Chakra for...
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  • Gemstone Sale: Clear Quartz with Amethyst Sphere

    Good things come in small packages, and this Clear Quart with Amethyst Sphere is a powerhouse! This beautiful sphere features stunningly clear quartz with whisps of amethyst inclusions. Clear quartz is the most popular stone for good reason. It amplifies, magnifies, and you can program...
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  • Gemstone Sale: Sterling Silver Mother of Pearl Mamuli Pendant

    We acquired this gorgeous Sterling Silver Mother of Pearl Mamuli Pendant from our magical friend Valko, and it comes from Indonesia. This incredible piece carries the divine feminine magic of the water element. Pearls embody yin, or divine feminine, energy and encourage feelings of love,...
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  • Gemstone Sale: Onyx Buddha Head

    Welcome zen, peace, and stillness into your space with this Onyx Buddha Head. Buddha is the quintessence of enlightenment. He represents your utmost, nonphysical awakening — the ability to reach a state of Nirvana. Experience the elegance of this piece which features a Buddha head...
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  • Gemstone Sale: Covellite and Chalcopyrite Sphere

    Elevate your intuition with this Covellite and Chalcopyrite Sphere. Covellite is a potent Third Eye Chakra stone that helps unlock your psychic gifts. It promotes the ability to manifest psychic visions and dreams and strengthens faith and devotion. Covellite is also a gem of miracles,...
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  • Gemstone Sale: Carved Ruby Triangle Ring

    Open your heart to greater love and passion with this gorgeous .925 sterling silver Carved Ruby Triangle Ring! Ruby embodies Eros love and stokes the fires of desire. Triangles symbolize manifestation and represent the element of fire. They create a natural balance between the physical...
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  • Gemstone Sale: Malachite Sphere with Velvet Pillow

    This Malachite Sphere radiates such soothing, healing magic. Malachite is known as the Doula Stone because it supports feminine body systems and aids the cycles of childbirth. Spheres radiate energy in all directions, making them potent altarpieces and meditation companions. This sphere comes with a...
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  • Gemstone Sale: Angel Aura Black Moonstone Pillar

    Call forth lunar wisdom and celestial guidance with this stunning Angel Aura Black Moonstone Pillar! Angel aura black moonstone is a new moon crystal of possibility that boosts creativity, helps with visioning in the darkness, and is a perfect tool for setting intentions and manifesting...
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  • Gemstone Sale: Charoite, Amethyst, White Topaz, and Freshwater Pearl Bracelet

    Embrace the beauty and potent energies of this Charoite, Amethyst, White Topaz, and Freshwater Pearl Bracelet. Each stone in this divine combination holds unique properties that support your spiritual growth, inner strength, and manifestation abilities. This .925 sterling silver piece features polished charoite, faceted amethyst...
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  • Gemstone Sale: Pink and Purple Tourmaline Gemstone

    Experience the harmonious energies of this gorgeous natural Pink and Purple Tourmaline Gemstone. This offering features a natural piece of pink tourmaline capped with purple tourmaline. Pink tourmaline, a powerful Heart Chakra crystal, embodies the qualities of the Divine Feminine, nurturing and healing the heart...
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  • Gemstone Sale: Citrine Flame

    This gorgeous Citrine Flame is a powerful tool for manifestation and perfect for harnessing energies of expansion and fruition! Citrine is a potent money magic gemstone. It’s known as the ‘merchant’s stone’ because it brings luck and prosperity to business. Citrine heals the Solar Plexus...
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  • Gemstone Sale: Gel Lepidolite Crescent Moon

    Embrace the calming energy of this Gel Lepidolite Crescent Moon. This unique piece features gel lepidolite, a translucent form of lepidolite that emanates a shimmering glow when illuminated by light. Lepidolite, a natural crystalized form of lithium, creates a protective barrier against negativity, gently dissipating...
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