• Prism Perfume for integration and illumination

    $ 32.00
    It is said that rainbows are the bridge to the sky, created by Iris - goddess of the Rainbow - as she traveled through dimensions. When the colors of the rainbow integrate, they create the color white - the essence of Spirit. A prism takes...
  • Hermetic Principles Month of Magic: Gender Set

    $ 59.00
    I am so excited to offer my Hermetic Principles Month of Magic: Gender Set - the seventh and final set on our journey through the great Hermetic principles or laws, the teachings of Thoth, god of wisdom, magic and writing. Thoth is also known as...
    Rated 5.00 out of 5
  • Natural Kimberlite for unlocking and sharing your innermost gifts

    $ 88.00$ 98.00
    If you are contemplating your purpose and how best to use your creative gifts and talents to contribute to the world, these natural kimberlite pieces are for you. Kimberlite is a rare and very special gemstone that grounds, stabilizes, and energizes, assisting you in becoming...

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