• Prism Perfume

      for integration & illumination

      <p><span style="font-weight: 400;">My Prism perfume is blended with notes of lotus, the oil of enlightenment; rose, a sweet and sensual scent that also carries the highest vibration of all essential oils; and lime, used for ritual purification, cleansing, and protection.</span></p>
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    • Carrier Oil Class Toolkit for working with the magic of oils

      This Carrier Oil Class Toolkit is filled with tools from my SG Soul Shift Bonus Class offered in April! In this bonus class, we explored the world of carrier oils and how to work with them! In this set, you’ll have the option of receiving...
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    • February Mesa Class Refill for harnessing the magic of love

      I’m so excited to offer this February Mesa Class Refill! This is for anyone in SG Soul Shift looking to get another set of February supplies - or anyone who isn’t a member of SG Soul Shift but wants to get in on the February...
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    • Soul Shift Stickers for honoring the beauty of transformation

      Are you ready to make the shift? These Soul Shift Stickers were inspired by Sage Goddess Soul Shift, my class program for 2019 - and they’re powerful emblems of the magic, wisdom, and power that lies in transformation. Featuring gorgeous artwork custom-made by my team...
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