POP VI – Femininity

Pillar VI: Faces of Feminine Power

We have many guides and guardian spirits for this month of our work together. The faces of Feminine Power as we will engage with them here are:

The Warrioress (archetype: Athena) brings you a spirit of resilience. She says to you, “Here I stand with shield and spear, ready to protect and serve. I am here not to choose a battle but to prepare for one in the event it is necessary.” The wisest warrioress never fights; but she won’t be caught off-guard when battle comes to her, either.

The Priestess (archetypes: Circe & Pythia) brings you a spirit of possibility and magic. She says to you, “Here I stand with crystal ball and wand, ready to summon the great forces of nature and power. The powerful priestess knows the ways and the means to magic; but she cautions you that much magic comes with a price.

The Seductress (archetypes: Ishtar & Venus) brings you a spirit of sensual pleasure and wild abandon. She says to you, “Here I stand, ready to take your hand and lead you to a place where your body becomes a vessel of pleasure and expression, ready to help you feel the full range of physical sensations some of which you may not have yet explored.” The enchanting seductress knows the art of pleasure; but she cautions you that pleasure is only one sensation – you must not become so attached to it that you ignore the others.

The Empress (archetypes: Ceres & Demeter) brings you a spirit of beauty and the ability to enjoy the present moment. She says to you, “Here I stand, ready to help you see the beauty in all things and create more beauty in the world.” The inspiring empress gives birth to new ideas, new possibilities, and new opportunities; but she cautions you that beauty is already around you all the time. Don’t forget to appreciate what you already have.

The Queen (archetypes: Cleopatra, Elizabeth, Esther, Shireen) brings you a spirit of power and prestige. She says to you, “Here I stand with scepter and crown, ready to help you stand tall in your power and receive the respect and honor you have so richly deserved in your life.” The regal queen does not question her judgment nor her authority; but she reminds you that power can be abused, and you must prevent your ego from making decisions that can have outcomes you might fail to predict.

The Faerie (archetypes: Anya & Morrigan) brings you a spirit of play and connection to the Earth, tree folk and stone spirits. She says to you, “Mine is the realm of enchantment and hidden wisdom, where you must seek in order to find.” The mystical Faerie queens know that nature holds the deepest wisdom and magic. She reminds you to ground yourself in Gaia’s forests and explore your connection to the unseen.


1) Which of the faces of feminine power is easiest for you to inhabit? Which of the faces feels least comfortable or compatible with your energy at this time?

2) Is there another face or embodiment of female power that feels important for you to explore right now? If so, what does it look like and how does it feel when you step inside of it?