Spring Sabbatical


The Spring 2013 Magical Sabbatical session is designed around the theme of “spring renewal.” This online program is a quarterly immersion in magic, mystery, and spiritual connection designed to develop your intuition, align you with your soul purpose, and release fears that limit your power – all with an emphasis on the magic of springtime. We honor the Wheel of the Year and work magic according to seasonal wisdom.
Together this spring, we will shed the warm comforts of winter and prepare for new growth. Think of this time as a little magical oasis where a circle of wise women gather to support,
affirm, and embrace each other while we witness each other’s soul evolution.

How do we do this? Magic.

Sun, Moon & Stars Gift Set
Sun, Moon & Stars Gift Set
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The Magical Sabbatical works on conscious, subconscious, and energetic levels to uncover patterns of thoughts, behaviors, and feelings that limit your spiritual wingspan. We use gemstones, candle magic, sacred crafting, potion blending, and ritual practice to reveal and heal those patterns and emerge more whole and aligned on the other side.

This program is designed for YOU if you seek:

  • Spiritual and philosophical community in which to explore your divine feminine power – that sensuous, strong, sexy, sanctified being in each of us that longs to be given a voice
  • A fuller understanding of the correspondences and meanings of gems, stones, herbs, flowers, and sacred perfumes, and how to ritually use these items as touchstone reminders of your feminine energy
  • Ritual and ceremony to heighten your awareness of the magic in life and the influences of forces beyond those that act upon your five basic senses
  • Sacred space where you can establish intimate dialogue with kindred spirits and learn from other wise women who are, like you, tapping into their ancient knowledge and letting it work through their hands


Our opening ceremony will be a public circle on February 22, 2013.

    Spring Sabbatical Supply List

  • OPENING CEREMONY: (2/22 LOVE RITUAL) to celebrate the February theme of love, passion, and soulmated connections
  • WEEK 1: SOLITARY PRACTICE with intention setting and creation of spring-themed sacred space
  • WEEK 2: (3/11 – NEW MOON) MAGICAL PERFUME HYDROSOL SPRAY to honor the element of water, using gems and natural elements to focus energetic intention
  • WEEK 3: SOLITARY PRACTICE clearing and charging your sacred space with scent
  • WEEK 4: (3/20 – OSTARA/VERNAL EQUINOX) Private Sabbatical ritual for the Spring Equinox and seasonal celebration with gem divination
  • WEEK 5: (3/27 – FULL MOON) Public Moon Ritual
  • WEEK 6: SOLITARY PRACTICE renewal medicine jewelry crafting to honor the element of earth and create grounding “wearable medicine”
  • WEEK 7 (4/10 – NEW MOON): SPRING CLEARING INCENSE CREATION to honor the element of air
  • WEEK 8: SOLITARY PRACTICE to gather seasonal herbs and flowers for home blessing exercise
  • WEEK 9: (4/25 FULL MOON) Ritual honoring Oshun, Lady of the Lake
  • WEEK 10: SOLITARY PRACTICE to integrate seasonal lessons and set intentions for activating magical work
  • WEEK 11: (5/9 NEW MOON) Closing ritual for Spring Sabbatical, releasing the Circle and celebrating our work. Intention setting for Summer Sabbatical

Spring Sabbatical Kit


Materials: Please see the Material Supply list here on this site for details about what you need to gather in advance of our opening ceremony.

Philosophy: The practices on which this program is built draw from multiple spiritual traditions; your open-mindedness is requested and required.

Financial: The Sabbatical costs $45/month and is automatically debited each month once you register until you cancel your subscription, which you may do at the end of each quarter. This fee includes the seasonal kit (candle, ritual oil, and gemstone set) shipped directly to you and includes access to the program materials and weekly videoconference, and the online sanctuary support system.


You can sign up for the Magical Sabbatical in our membership center here.

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