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November is the month of the last harvest, the time of year to relax, prepare for the winter ahead and count your blessings for the wealth of gifts you’ve received in the year past. We honor our loved ones, our ancestors, and the abundance of the land that holds and nourishes us each day. During the November Full Moon ritual, we will use this energy to invoke the lessons of gratitude and give thanks for the abundance in our lives.Use this month’s gemstone, candle, and perfume ritual set to tap into this gracious thanks. It begins with my Gratitude candle. I created this pillar candle to honor the fall season, the holiday of Thanksgiving, and to serve as a year-round sacred reminder of all we have to be thankful for in our lives. It is made from three-sheets of beeswax in glittery yellow, pink, and blue, and anointed with my Gratitude potion; a blend of cinnamon cassia and sandalwood that will instantly soothe and transport you. It will scent your sacred space with a fragrance that energizes and encourages you to be in a state of abundant gratitude.

Next in this set is, of course, my Gratitude perfume, as described above. I encourage you to wear this earthy, spicy scent for an aromatic dose of thankfulness. Anoint your candles and gemstones, and even use it in an oil diffuser while doing magical work.

Lastly, the November Full Moon set comes with a collection of six gemstones to invoke the spirit of gratitude. Ajoite in chrysocolla is an incredibly rare and special mineral fusion. This tumbled specimen connects you with both Great Mother and Spirit energy, for angelic communication, karmic healing, peace, forgiveness, and positive energy. Kunzite is the stone of great relationship healing. This natural piece brings strength, attention, care, resolution, and healing to relationships. Lepidolite with pink tourmaline is the anxiety release stone that also opens the heart chakra to love. This tumbled specimen helps to treat depression, enables peaceful sleep, and draws wellness and abundance. Aurora quartz is the stone of magical perspective. This tumbled piece assists in seeing the bigger picture, connecting with the divine, and feeling universal love and connection with all. Brazilian citrine is the gem for financial windfall, abundance, business development, and prosperity. This natural chunk corresponds to the solar plexus chakra – our seat of inner strength and willpower. Green apatite is a weight loss stone, for shedding physical or energetic mass that is not of service to your Highest Good. This natural piece draws divine flow, abundance energy, and discipline to the bearer.

You can find this ritual kit in my online shop while supplies last I make special ritual tools just for these events and they always sell out before the event, so if you’d like to receive one please order soon. The ritual set is made by hand with care specifically to support this work. Ritual tools create a vortex of energy to raise vibrations around your intention and purpose.

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Event Information

When: Wednesday, November 25, 2015 @ 6 PM Pacific

Where: or live at SG in Torrance


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