Gem Haven Facebook Group

Sage Goddess Gem Haven is Facebook’s hub for gemstone learning, discussion, and dialogue. Everyone is welcome here! Please no direct or indirect sales or marketing – this is a site affiliated with Sage Goddess. Posts that mention or market other online business pages or personal pages will be removed. Direct marketing includes posts with links to sites or items for sale; indirect marketing includes posts with watermarked photos of items for sale, as well as “lots” of stones you’ve found online. Admin will remove and block users who market on this page, as well as any posts where comments direct people to PM members for sales or solicitations offline. Please limit posts to 1-2 single photos per day; posts with multiple photos will be removed. You are free to post photos of gems you purchase at local shops in your area. We enjoy seeing what you find!

All Gem Haven members save 10% on both of my shop sites when you use code HAVEN10 at checkout:

Only a few rules:
1. Be kind and honor the space as you enter
2. Stay focused on gems as you share and post
3. No marketing, sales, readings or giveaways only because they overwhelm members and can distract from our focus. GoFundMe pages will also be removed
4. Limit posts to 1-2 per day

There is a separate Facebook group not affiliated with Sage Goddess for prayer requests; to join, please friend Jennifer Adams Devine and request to be added.

Enjoy your time in the haven with your gem family!