Why Everyone is Wearing Crystal Jewelry, and You Should Too!

Medicine Crystal Jewelry

Why Everyone is Wearing Crystal Jewelry, and You Should Too!

Why I believe in crystal Jewelry

You know I believe in sacred adornment – in the process of choosing each piece of crystal jewelry with care and intention. Which gems you select and why, on which day … these things matter. Because when we wear jewelry, we invoke the elements and metaphysical energies of the stones with which we choose to adorn ourselves.

For instance, I stack my gemstone bracelets and wear them every day, literally until they fall off. In my tradition, that’s how we know the ‘medicine’ of the gems has been worked. When you no longer need that stone’s energy, the piece of crystal jewelry or stone itself may break. It’s so sad when it happens, trust me I know, but it’s for your Highest Good. I rotate some, leaving most to fall off when the medicine is worked.

Choosing your sacred adornment

I choose my jewelry with care when I’m working the magic of sacred adornment. Which gems are near my Throat and Heart Chakras, which gems on my fingers. Which necklaces hang longer, closer to my Solar Plexus – that seat of power and authority. Which gems on my dominant hand, my hand of power in the world.

These are the thoughts going through my mind as I sift through my collection of treasures.

Jewelry for us priestesses, energy workers, Goddesses, and magicians is not simply a matter of accessorizing. You are raising your energetic vibration with intention and care. That’s the difference between accessorization and choosing sacred crystal jewelry. The pieces we choose  are beautiful, but beyond their beauty they carry meaning and energy.

In fact, you can read it like lines of sacred gemstone text wrapped around me, telling you stories about where I’ve been, how I’ve felt, what I’ve embraced, and where I am at the moment.

How to wear your crystal jewelry

There are so many ways to adorn yourself with the magic of gems. You may choose rings, bracelets, necklaces, or earrings. Whatever stone you decide to wear, choose it with intention, and be sure the stones have been bound in a setting that enables them to touch your skin; they are most powerful in magical work when this occurs.

Wearing gemstone bracelets allows the gems to make constant contact with your skin, infusing your aura and energy field with the vibration of each stone all the time. You will notice most gem jewelry has openings at the base or back of their settings, to facilitate this direct contact.

Look at the backs of your rings or pendants. See? This is why wire wrapping is such an effective way to wear your pendants; it allows space for the stone to impart its energy to you as you wear it.

Choosing what gems you wear each day

  • Change your crystals each day, if you feel called to do so.  
  • Choose the stones you wear based on your intention for the day.
  • Perhaps you will intuitively select yours without consciously knowing why, and often later in the day, you will have an “aha” moment about why your intuition told you to wear that fluorite pendant or garnet bracelet.
  • Align your accessories with the current work you are doing, or the areas in which you feel you need assistance.

My crystal jewelry is my ally during trying or stressful moments. Sometimes, when I simply pause to hold my citrine pendant or touch one of my gemstone bracelets, I receive the exact energies I needed in that moment.

Last, be sure you’re mindfully choosing which side of the body you’re wearing your stones and crystals on. Keep this in mind as you adorn your Goddess self:

  • Left is your side of internal work. So if the stones you are working with are in bracelet form, and the stone’s properties align with your inner work, then stack your left wrist.
  • Right is your side of external energy. If they align with what you are seeking or doing outside, stack your right wrist.
  • For example, if you’re choosing a gem like sunstone or citrine for personal empowerment and outward abundance, then adorn your right wrist.
  • Keep in mind the giving and receiving elements of left and right side.
  • Just remember, you can’t go wrong when you follow your intuition.
  • Have fun!

How the medicine of crystal jewelry works

When you wear stones, they alter your vibrational patterns. Wear yours to “feel” better or cleaner or more peaceful. Interestingly, you can overdo it too. Wearing too much clear quartz, which is the highest vibrational stone, can make you feel frantic and stressful. Crystal jewelry made with high vibe stones should be balanced with stones of softer vibration in most cases, like rose quartz or tourmaline, to ease the flow of energy and slow down the vibration. Too much isn’t always a good thing, even when it comes to sacred adornment.

How to clear and charge your crystal jewelry

Like any energetic or metaphysical tool, you should clear your jewelry as well. The stones you choose to wear out in the world may need to be cleared and charged more often than the stones you keep at home. Remember, they are probably interacting and warding off some heavy energies out there, so you want to clear your pieces regularly. You can do this in a few different ways:

  • Smudging – Run your crystal jewelry through sage smoke. Start with the top and then run the back/base through as you imagine their energy clearing.
  • Black kyanite – This is the only gem that can clear others! Place your pieces on a spear of black kyanite overnight.
  • Clearing oils – My clearing oil blend, Sanctus, has the energies and components of smudge bundles without the smoke. Anoint your stone first counterclockwise, as you visualize it clearing, and then clockwise as you impart the intention into your piece. Just be sure you don’t use oils on stones like selenite, amber, or any others that can’t get wet.
  • Clear and charge in the Full Moon light – Leave your pieces out to charge at the Full Moon. This will clear and recharge your stones, as well. They’re working non-stop for your Highest Good and they need a recharge just like we do.

As with any metaphysical work, remember the magic happens during the journey. There is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to do any of it. Of course you want to honor traditional protection and clearing work, especially with stones, but don’t get trapped in the worry of whether or not you’ve chosen the ‘right’ crystal jewelry for your day.

Have fun and embrace your inner Empress!

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  1. Thank you for the info. I always want my stones to touch my skin. But I have been wondering if there’s a time frame on how long u need to leave them out in the moonlight .

  2. Is it ok to leave your pieces on a window sill for recharging at the full moon? Do they need to be outside?

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