The real secret


The real secret

As I sit pondering The Book I’m writing about ritual and magic, I’ve been thinking deeply about the questions I’m most often asked by those who follow my work. And perhaps the number 1 question I’m asked is: What can I do if I don’t have many resources but really want to see a shift in my life? How can I begin TODAY?

And my answer hasn’t changed much over the years, but I do have a few concrete suggestions. I consider what I’m about to tell you the “real” secret. The Law of Attraction has become known as “the secret” and what I’m about to tell you builds on it because both are about energy. My secret is about the flow of energy.

Think of it this way: All matter is energy. And energy flows, it vibrates, it moves. If you get in the way of the flow, it stops. Yes – YOU can stop flow. In fact many of you have stopped it. You’re standing squarely in the middle of your own river like a massive boulder and then wondering why nothing’s moving. I say that without judgment because I’ve done it too.

Everything you seek is energy. Opportunity. Money. Time. Love. It’s all energy and it requires movement, space, allowance. Try to hold on to any one of those things too tightly and what happens? It stops or retreats or eludes you. The more you release, step to the side, allow, the more comes. It’s not simply a question of your thoughts or inner monologue, although those are important and you should monitor where your attention goes because there with it goes your energy and your flow. But it’s also about seeking too hard and holding on too tightly. You can’t hold water in your fist. Not easily, and not for long.

To work on allowance, try these exercises:
1. Identify something you’re holding on to with too strong a grip. Is it a relationship, a habit, or something more concrete? In your mind, give permission to that person or thing to move freely in alignment with the highest good of All. Truly accept that their movement may lead them away from you. (Remember, you need to get out of the way sometimes!)
2. Visualize what you desire and imagine placing it on a boat in the middle of a wild river. Watch it move in your mind. Give it permission to move freely and ask that in perfect time it find its way to you, again if arrival to you is in divine alignment.
3. Look around your home and find a few items you no longer need and gift them to someone who can use them (if you aren’t sure who needs or could use them, donate to your local shelter or non-profit organization that takes donations). This process frees energy and begins flow. I do this monthly and find that it immediately shifts the energies in my home.

Begin to swim, my beloved, and when the water decides to change course, move along with it. Or get out of the way.
May you be blessed as you move downstream and allow what is coming to move with your express and unlimited permission.

None of this is easy. But it works. And you can do it.
So it is.

6 thoughts on “The real secret

  1. Suggestion number one is sort of what I am doing now. I enrolled in a course with Stephanie Anderson Ladd, which involved willingly meeting the Dark Goddess in an Underworld journey. I chose the option of stripping away and baring my soul over a seven-day period, one day for each Chakra. I stripped away so many ego trappings, ideas/people/things that I was gripping too tightly, like you said. I am on my “ascent” from the Underworld now. I am on day 5, which corresponds with my Solar Plexus. And it is divine timing that you shared the article about Sex and Financial Flow, because tomorrow aligns with my Sacral Chakra. By Thursday, I should come into my New Self. 🙂

  2. I often feel when you post these blogs that you are speaking directly to me. This particular post is very poingent. My life desperately needs change > and I fear I have been standing in my own way. Thank you for such a great metaphor for affecting change, and for providing the simple exercises … I am sure they will help me “move along”!

  3. Wow, talk about synchronicity!! I love your etsy shop but have never stopped by your website. Today I felt prompted to check it out. I have been having issues in my relationship. This morning my Oracle cards advised me to give it up to the Divine and to stop holding on so tight. I believe I was lead to this post to gain the tools I need to work on my allowance. Thank you, Sage Goddess!!!

  4. After reading this article I began to tear up , in my mind I could picture every thing I was reading I just wanted to say Thank you ,Thank you ,Thank you !

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