Sagittarian Full Moon Reflects the Wisdom of Ancient China

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Sagittarian Full Moon Reflects the Wisdom of Ancient China

Are you excited to uncover hidden knowledge? Are you on a quest for more Truth? The upcoming Sagittarian Full Moon reflects the wisdom of ancient China and I just love it when seemingly unrelated things spontaneously come together. Through A World of Magic, my 2018 class curriculum, we are exploring the spirituality of ancient civilizations. Under the Full Moon each month we enter the gateway into the next culture on our list. This June, we are immersing ourselves in ancient China and in perfect synchronicity, we cross the threshold with the grand illumination of the Sagittarian Moon on May 29. RSVP to be part of the magic by joining our FREE online and in-person event.

What happens when we blend the culture of ancient China with the Full Moon in the sign of the Sage, Sagittarius? China is rich with timeless wisdom and Sagittarius is ever-seeking greater meaning and more comprehensive understanding. If we consider Sagittarius to be the Truth Seeker and one who thinks in full concepts, then China and its language are a perfect match.

The English language is based on a 26-letter alphabet and each letter on its own has no meaning. English builds words and sentences by connecting small parts together (very Gemini – the polarity to Sagittarius). The Chinese language is based on characters which each carry its own meaning. There are over one hundred thousand Chinese characters and it’s impossible to count them all. We can think about these characters as small abstract pictures. Chinese communicates from and with concepts (whole ideas). Does the wise “Sage” gain her title from her ability to see the big picture? True wisdom is full-sighted. It does not exclude the details, but it knows the parts will never define or add up to the whole.

Wisdom is found in many places and the Sagittarian Sage has generally traveled far, within herself and around the world. We also associate Sagittarius with the gypsy, world traveler, philosopher, preacher, and guru. Those with strong Sagittarian energy often resist settling down, “go big or go home”, and always want the back door left open. Why the resistance to commitment? We can best understand and appreciate this sign by remembering why it does what it does. The pursuit of truth and natural law cannot be found by doing the same things, with the same people, in the same backyard, with the same ideas and beliefs. To expand our understanding of truth, we must experience the unknown. The Sagittarian must leave home and all she knows to find herself. She will leave and return, “back where she started, for the first time”, again and again.

No journey is complete, and no belief system comprehensive without the guidance and presence of beings in the other realms. Honoring ancestors is a critical part of ancient Chinese culture, and family is viewed as the living and dead. The Chinese believe deceased family members continue their existence in the spirit world, looking after the family, maintaining an interest in worldly affairs, and having the power to directly impact fortune. Celebrating and worshiping the ancestors keeps them happy, ensuring their assistance, cooperation, and protection. Ancestral bond is eternal. Do you feel aligned with your origins? Do you respect your lineage? Do you ever consider how one day, your role may be reversed, and you will be the ancestor? What might it be like to navigate the between, trying to offer support and wanting to be acknowledged, especially in a world that has lost touch with you?

The bigger picture includes so much more than our human eyes can see. Once again, we observe how the Chinese embrace the wholeness of cycles, and the continual relationship between all things. Just as Chinese characters allow for fluidity of thought and communication, belief in the continuity of life and the afterlife embraces fullness. It’s refreshing to allow the importance of sharing the “idea” of something rise above the need to provide a technical definition. Where do you end and begin? If we believe our energy or essence is eternal, there is no ending and beginning in the grand vision. If you want to feel this greater sense of yourself, invite your ancestors to share their wisdom with you. Make offerings to them and honor all that came before you. You would not be this version of you without them. And they hold keys to accessing the unique magic within you.

Join us for our FREE online and in-person Full Moon Event on May 29, as we immerse ourselves in the magic of ancient China and invoke the love, guidance, and protection of our ancestors.

To help you connect with your ancestors – your maternal and paternal lineage, I created a Chinese Full Moon: Ancestral Healing Set. The tools in this set are designed to take you on a journey that unites the past with the present and gives you new hope in the future.

Amen, A’ho, So it is.

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