Preparing sacred space for love magic


Preparing sacred space for love magic

Let me tell you a story – the story of Isis and Osiris, Queen and King of Egpyt.

If you’d like to hear the entire story, you can listen to my audio version here. Theirs is a tale of true immortal love that survives lifetimes, defies space and death. You know that kind of love – it’s the one we all seek and some lucky few of us find. When we have it, we honor, tend, and celebrate it.

Immortal love exists. It lives, it breathes, and it is always seeking you. The secret is creating space in your heart for it to find you. And that’s where I come in!

The image you see with this post is my Immortal Love altar. I believe in the use of magical tools to manifest desire, in line with the principals of quantum physics and law of attraction. What you seek is seeking you. When you raise the energetic vibrations around you and set sacred intentions, you can create almost any vision or version of reality you seek. I know this because I have done this myself. I speak and write from experience.

Candles are important because they bring the elements of air and fire to your work. When you use color magic with candles (this one is red, for love and passion) you add a layer of what we call correspondence to your work. Think of it as an added layer of magic. On the label, a heart – the symbol of love – and another correspondence.

Next we use scent to invoke the element of water and spirit. Spirits recognize scent, so I use ancient oils, resins, and recipes in my work.

And then, gemstones emit their own vibrations so employing ruby and red quartz raises the vibe and also works within the same color family of red and pink, the colors of love. And my love incense brings the elements of earth and fire together and is made from the herbs and flowers of love: Damiana, rose, passion flower, red sandalwood, cinnamon bark.

May immortal love surround you. So it is.

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  1. I am looking forward to this full moon ritual…I am not on facebook and would like to rsvp and would be delighted to be registered for the gemstone giveaway :). The July Month of Magic set is wonderful!! And I am enamored with the July perfume oil…lovely set…

    1. Hi Sammy love! I am so glad you love the July scent!! I have registered you for the giveaway.

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