Five Powerful Invocations for Manifestation Magic

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Five Powerful Invocations for Manifestation Magic

When doing manifestation work, it’s important to have the vision, and to be able to hold that vision for exactly what it is you want. Beyond that, you need the appropriate tools to magically and energetically summon that vision into existence. Gems, herbs, candles, and fragrance should all be included in your arsenal of manifestation tools. But what about the words? Words are vital. They comprise language, all communication, and the honest expression of our desires. So what exactly do you say to God or Source when you settle down in the dim glow of candlelight, crystals in hand? If you find yourself lost for words, worry not. Here, I’m providing five powerful invocations for manifestation to aid you on your path to realizing your dreams. Send these up on the smoke of white sage, loud and clear for the Universe to hear.

Please print this page if you wish, and keep these invocations in your meditation journal, so you have them at the ready any time you’re calling your vision into the world.

1) An Invocation for Manifesting Your Dreams

I see my dream in its tangible form.
I hear the way it sounds.
I feel the way it makes my heart beat.
My vision for its fulfillment is complete.
And now, I align myself and this deepest desire
with the good of all things, and the great knowing of the Universe.
I release my dream into the matrix, holding fast to the vision.
I freefall into trust. It will happen. It is happening. It is here.
I awaken my Root for the strength to endure.
I summon my passion to create and give birth.
I summon my inner will to push through.
I call to my guides for insight.
I take action, I do the work, and then I am patient.
I release what does not serve me
to make way for my dream, the good it will bring,
and the space it will require in my life.
Amen, Aho, and So it is.

2) An Invocation for Manifesting Success

I am the keeper of my success.
I am one with the power of the Universe.
And in alignment with the Highest Good,
everything is available to me.
All reward imaginable is available to me.
Every success I can conjure in my mind and heart
I can also summon into the physical world.
I see and know who I am in my success –
a vessel, a vehicle for the Greater Good.
It is my calling, who I am meant to be
and what I am meant to give.
I ask you, Universe, to reveal each step
on the path to my success. Bring me clarity of vision.
Sweep the obstacles from my path
and give me strength to overcome any darkness
along the way. I harness my inner light
to shine brightest at the dawn of my success.
Amen, Aho, and So it is.

3) An Invocation for Manifesting Wealth

I call forth the flow of money into my life.
My heart and spirit are open to receive this material abundance.
Money is energy, moving toward me
and I have made space for its powerful presence.
It is my desire not of greed, evil, or darkness,
but of Soul Calling. By Universal Law – the Law of Attraction,
I give what I receive and I receive what I give.
I do not hold tight to the wealth I seek, but keep
a healthy vision of its power to heal,
and the power it will give me to fulfill my Soul Purpose.
As wealth flows into my life, I activate my Root Chakra
to keep me grounded in my True Self.
Financial windfall is available to me,
in alignment with the Highest Good.
So I align myself with your design, oh Universe,
I do the work you call me to. I walk the path,
and I expectantly await what is already mine.
The reward I envision, the wealth of my High Calling.
Amen, Aho, and So it is.

4) An Invocation for Manifesting Abundance and Happiness

I long only to be happy, and to live a life of abundance.
Whatever shape that takes, however it materializes,
I trust your perfect design, Great Spirit.
I take refuge in your plan, seek balance in your wisdom,
I find peace in your timing. I ask that you reveal my Soul Path
so I may do what must be done to fulfill my purpose,
recognizing that I am today
who I was always meant to be today –
as I was yesterday, and as I will be tomorrow.
I relish the beauty of the journey, moment to moment.
I embrace the lessons in the hardship.
I cease struggle against the current
and allow the tide to take me in its flow.
I keep faith that these once-barren shores
will soon blossom with lush bounty and bear fruit.
I taste its sweet fruit already; the juice of pure happiness overflows.
It fills me and nourishes me in great abundance.
Amen, Aho, and So it is.

5) An Invocation for Manifesting Health and Wellness

The healing light of the Green Ray surrounds me.
Its curing frequency pulses through me
to every part of my body and soul.
It touches my mind and brings me back to center.
It touches my heart and brings me back to love.
It touches my spirit and brings me back to peace.
Aligned and balanced, I walk the wellness path.
I shed negativity that brings illness of any kind
and banish stuck energies that harbor pain or disease.
I invite Life Force to flow through me,
sweeping out the old and bringing in the new,
activating a healthy renewal of the cells that comprise
my physical body;
initiating a release of blockages that stifle my
auric and emotional bodies.
May I be healthy and well, grateful each day
for the strength of my beating heart.
Amen, Aho, and So it is.

It is my intention that these invocations will aid you in whatever manifestation work you’re doing. Recite them out loud, as many times as you wish. Really hear the words as you say them and allow them to penetrate. I hope the magic of these prayers serves you well.

If there’s some particular work in manifestation that I did not cover here and you’re looking for the words, please leave a comment below! I’ll try to create a new manifestation invocation for your work. And stay tuned for more of these…I’ll be creating invocations for love, trust, intuition, passion, healing, and more.

10 thoughts on “Five Powerful Invocations for Manifestation Magic

  1. divine.

    thank you Athena. this is MOST helpful, strung beautifully together in your words.
    thank you for sharing with us! excited for your upcoming invocations as we go


  2. Oh, Athena, these invocations are beautiful. You are so right, saying them out loud awakens their magic.. …
    Amen, aho & so it is


    1. It’s best not to use magick like this for trying to change another person without their consent. Instead look into yourself, perhaps you’re holding blocks from old relationships that stop you from being fully open to a complete relationship. Make sure to practice self love and gratitude in order to attract more of the same into your life.

      In the meantime you could use the invocation for manifesting your dreams, and replace some of the words in it for words like love, romance, soul mate etc etc.

  4. These are so wonderful! Thank you so much! Many Blessings to You beautiful Athena✨💛✨🦋🦋🦋🌸💕💕💕🤗🤗🤗 I bow to you my Sister. Love and Light Jennifer 🕊

  5. I cannot thank you enough! Your words are indeed a blessing – my own tongue-tide words are oft my worst enemy.
    Thank you, Bless you. Namaste

  6. I would love an invocation specific to manifesting creative visions – writing, art work. ~ Zann

    1. You could write your own version of the success invocation. Just replace words to do with success with “creativity” and/or “inspiration”.

  7. Thank you Athena. Sage Goddess messaging and blogs are very helpful especially during such trying times. It’s nice to come here and find sisterhood among participants. Blessings of love & light to you & your staff for all you are doing. I look forward to the full moon rituals as well. Heartfelt thanks. 🌹 🌕 💖

  8. Thank you so much Athena, I have been looking for invocations like these specifically and here they are, and so it is. SG is one of the connections I try to incorporate daily, it helps with my centering. I wonder if you know the depth of your impact in so many lives. Glorious Gratitude

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