How to Work with Lemurian Quartz Crystals

Simple Ritual Lemurian Quartz

How to Work with Lemurian Quartz Crystals

The lost land of Lemuria – A brief history

Lemuria is an ancient civilization that existed on Earth before and during the time of Atlantis. It is also sometimes referred to as as Mu, or Motherland. Lemurian legends are very relevant to me, because I believe they connect to my own lifelong explorations. I have studied Lemuria for years, over hundreds of hours of video, documents, and archived material. Because Lemuria sings to my spirit I love the idea that the tropical region where Lemuria existed – under the Indian, Pacific, and Atlantic Oceans – would have been home to many of the gems, plant medicines, and magic that we offer at Sage Goddess. In truth, I feel like I have been singing the song of Lemuria my whole life!

Lemuria is often called the Mother of all civilizations to follow. Its civilization – a spiritually advanced matriarchal culture – had connections to the cosmos that were much more sophisticated than we enjoy today. When their civilization fell, Lemurians planted crystals in various places around the Earth, to be discovered by modern day humans. One of those places is Brazil, where my Lemurian crystals are mined. Another known place is Mt. Shasta, California, which is an extremely energetic and magical place. Many people believe this is the home of the present-day Lemurians, those who survived the sinking of the continent of Mu over 12,000 years ago. It is thought that our Lemurian brothers and sisters are still well and living in the subterranean city of “Telos,” underneath Mount Shasta.

The Lemurian citizens were deeply evolved, technologically advanced, and emotionally connected. We work with Lemurian energy to bring our awareness to a place of the highest intuitive connection to All That Is, and to feel grounded in deep spiritual self-reflection. Connect with the Mother civilization of Lemuria, and align with its ancient healing energy. In Lemuria, every being was considered a brother or sister to the rest. There was Divine connection between all. The sense of self which divides our modern society didn’t exist in Lemuria; because all were one and one were all, there was no such concept as disharmony or need. When there was lack in Lemuria, everyone helped. Perhaps it is not so farfetched to long for a society which mirrors these concepts, but instead a recalling of life in Lemuria.

Identifying Lemurian quartz crystals

Lemurian quartz is incredibly coveted, and for good reason. Our culture is experiencing a widespread awakening. And in awakening to the expansive power and energies of other realms and other lands, we travel to and begin to remember more and more of the incredible magic of Lemuria. I feel my enchantment with Lemuria come alive whenever I work with Lemurian quartz. This type of quartz has so much to offer. Each one has been encoded, or programmed with the Higher wisdom and Divine Feminine energies of the Lemurian civilization; the energies of unconditional love and healing, and the knowledge that all are one.

First of all, Lemurian quartz has distinct, naturally occurring grooves. The striated edges are coded, or seeded, with the knowledge and energies of ancient Lemuria. The closest comparison I can make is to something like braille. It is through these grooves that the bearer receives the stone’s wisdom, information, and messages – its language. By holding Lemurian crystals and running your fingers over them, you will find that these grooves, or markings, contain a hidden message for you to decode.

The coding will be activated by the touch of the bearer combined with the energetic shifts taking place on Earth right now. It is thought the codes will activate ancient knowledge locked deep within the crystal’s keeper. Your soul and Higher Self will recognize the information meant for you, and download it to your subconscious, where it will be stored until the right moment arrives for it to permeate your conscious life. This will happen when you are ready to receive it.

Working with your Lemurian quartz

These crystals are known as teaching stones or shaman’s stones. It is said that all Lemurian crystals know their owners and summon them upon sight. Remember, each line of coding is full of sacred, potent wisdom.

Connecting with your Lemurian quartz:

  • As you begin to work with yours, first open an energetic connection to it. You might say out loud, “Quartz of Lemuria, ancient ancestral spirits and wise beings, I welcome you to connect your energetic blueprint to mine and download information of use to me in this lifetime.”
  • If you choose to work with scent and oils, my Song of Lemuria perfume was created to establish a connection to this land.
  • Anoint yourself and your crystal as you connect to it.
  • Sit in meditation with your crystal. Hold it in front of you, and begin to envision white light streaming into your Crown Chakra from above.
  • See and feel this light as it flows down into your Heart Chakra, and then travels out from your heart center to the crystal in your hands.
  • Greet your crystal as you open yourself to its energy.
  • Allow the connection to strengthen, and the energy to flow freely between it and you.
  • You can hold it directly to your Heart or Crown Chakra, or lay down and place it on your Heart, Third Eye, or Crown Chakras.
  • Continue working with your crystal as you feel called to. It will guide you with love.

Enjoy the journey dear ones, as you travel to hear the song of Lemuria. May its sweet and soulful melody resonate deeply and always with you.



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