Top Five Gems for the Top Five Most Magical Uses

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Top Five Gems for the Top Five Most Magical Uses

Do you have the top five gems in your collection? You’re about to find out! And if you’re new to the gem world, you can use this list as a starter guide.

Gems are useful for so many metaphysical purposes, but there are a select handful that we keep coming back to for their magic. And it seems a handful of the most common reasons people seek out gemstones is healing, prosperity, grounding, psychic development, and sexual awakening. (Manifestation and honest communication are two other common pursuits, but more on those later.) So what are the gems that coincide with these five main intentions?

If you’re new to the gem world and just starting your collection, you’ll come to find that each stone and crystal serves a specific purpose when incorporated into metaphysical work. This is because gems vibrate at distinctive frequencies. Their natural coloring and crystal structure also facilitate chakra correspondences, causing them to resonate with specific energy centers in the physical and auric body. These chakra correspondences are included below.

Top Five Gems for Healing

Healing can mean physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual wellness, so there are a vast number of gems energy workers use to fulfill this purpose. Our top five healing stones are:

  1. Rose Quartz [Heart Chakra] is the stone for Universal love and heart healing. It draws love to you and enables you to love more fully in return, while easing pain, calming nerves, and bringing peace.
  2. Malachite [Solar Plexus and Heart Chakras] has been used for thousands of years, to stimulate Life Force and to absorb pollutants. Known as the Midwife Stone, its potent medicine eases childbirth pain and remedies all types of physical illnesses and emotional trauma.
  3. Bloodstone [Root and Heart Chakras] is a powerful gem of circulatory health and cardiac wellness. It builds stamina and aids powerfully in the physical recovery process after any kind of illness or surgery.
  4. Prehnite [all Upper Chakras] is the only stone in the entire world known to heal the healer. Whether you’re a Reiki master or a doctor, this stone will work to heal you as you do your sacred work healing and helping others.
  5. Lepidolite [Crown Chakra] is micanized lithium, and Native Americans have long used this stone as medicine. Rub the stone to release lithium mica particles into your skin, which will alleviate anxiety, stress, and depression, and enable restful sleep.

*BONUS: There are just so many healing gems, and sugilite could not be left off the list. Sugilite is prized for its many remedial properties, which have resulted in spontaneous and miraculous healing. Sugilite reduces inflammation in the body, heals the central nervous system, helps with brain chemistry, soothes migraines, and may even help with autistic spectrum disorders.

Top Five Gems for Prosperity

Prosperity, abundance, success, and financial freedom are luxuries most of us desire and seek out. Attaining wealth of all kinds, from monetary assets to richness in love, requires hard work and a strong intuition. These top five gems will assist you in drawing the prosperity you desire into your life:

  1. Citrine [Solar Plexus Chakra] is a mighty Golden Ray stone for financial windfall, abundance, and inner force of will. It helps you manifest and maintain the mental clarity needed to stay focused on your intentions, and assists you in overcoming obstacles.
  1. Jade [Solar Plexus and Heart Chakras] is the stone of strength, endurance, and business success. It helps you stay strong during life’s storms and maintain a balanced perspective, while also offering healing energies for the physical body.
  1. Pyrite [Solar Plexus Chakra] is the sparkling gem of potential and possibility. It draws abundance and manifestation, while summoning self-worth, vitality, and willpower. This gem also brings confidence, strength, and reassurance.
  1. Peridot [Solar Plexus and Heart Chakras] is a stone of potential, manifestation, possibility, courage, faith, and deep abundance. It opens you to the breadth of life’s possibilities as well as the depth of life’s meaning. When you hold this stone, say “I manifest this or something better”.
  1. Green aventurine [Solar Plexus and Heart Chakras] is the stone of luck, abundance, and major growth. Keep it in a cash drawer to grow your finances, or in even your garden to grow flowers. This gem brings more of what you seek into your life.

Top Five Geld

Grounding is a term that we use in the metaphysical world that’s synonymous with safety, security, and a feeling of rootedness. You may seek out stones for grounding when you feel threatened, afraid, or anxious. Another common use for grounding stones is to hold them or keep them nearby while doing deep spiritual work, like astral travel or shamanic journey. When you cross into these non-physical planes, realms, and dimensions, it is important to have a solid grounding stone to bring you back at the conclusion of the journey.

  1. Smoky quartz [Root Chakra] is a crystal of deep protection and transmutation of negative energies. It purifies places, spaces, and auras, and will literally cleanse low vibrations to repurpose them for the Higher Good. Keep a piece by your front door and also where you sleep.
  2. Shungite [all Lower Chakras] is The Great Purifier. Negative vibrations cannot sustain themselves in the presence of this stone. During Roman times, it was actually used in aqueducts to purify water. Shungite removes anything dark, negative, or evil in its path. 
  1. Black tourmaline [Root Chakra] acts as protective armor around people and places, preventing theft and crime, grounding you, and creating a stable energetic boundary.
  1. Black obsidian [all Lower Chakras] is a go-to stone for grounding, protection, releasing negative blockages, and mourning freely. Golden sheen and silver sheen obsidian are variations of this stone that facilitate shadow integration and heal the auric field, taking your spiritual grounding to an even deeper level.
  1. Garnet [Root and Sacral Chakras] is a protective, nurturing, loving, and healing stone that also holds ancient wisdom. Psychics and seers use this gem for its deep intuitive guidance.

Top Five Gems for Psychic Development

Psychic development is a gateway for anyone who practices magic. Highly sharpened intuition is a skill that attunes all other aspects of your spirituality. For example, you’ll become more aware of whether it’s your Root Chakra or your Throat Chakra that’s blocked and causing emotional distress. You’ll have a sense of whether you should take that job, or commit to that relationship. And you’ll develop a deeper sense of your life purpose. These top five gems will help you discover the answers you seek:

  1. Amethyst [Third Eye and Crown Chakras] is the stone of peace, divine clearing, balance, and sobriety of all kinds, which enables divination and links you to wise spirit energy. Consider it the gem bearer of self-control, wisdom, and discernment.
  2. Purple fluorite [Crown Chakra] resonates with your intuition and raises psychic ability, and fluorite, in general, is a powerful soul pathing stone. It helps align your natural talents with the desires of your heart so you can find your purpose in this world.
  3. Tanzanite [all Upper Chakras, including Soul Star Chakra] is a premium stone of the Indigo Ray. It brings psychic attunement, spiritual enlightenment, and a stronger connection with your spirit guides and animal totems. This gem is also calming and healing to the mind.
  4. Black sapphire [Root and Third Eye Chakras] is the gemstone companion of mediums and clairvoyants and helps foster psychic attunement. It also brings trust, knowledge, and confidence in your own intuitive abilities.
  5. Moldavite [all Upper Chakras] is an extraterrestrial stone with an intense vibration. Reactions when near it or touching it may include slight tingling, headache, or nausea. This stone deepens psychic abilities and facilitates access to the Akashic records.

Top Five Gems for Sexual Awakening

Oftentimes, our sexual connections fail to fire. You could be in a long-term marriage or a new relationship in which the sexual chemistry needs a spark. You could be feeling suppressed and wishing to open up to more erotic expression. You could be a single or committed person wishing to explore new adventures. Whatever the case, these top five gems will arouse your Kundalini energy:

  1. Orange calcite [Sacral Chakra] boosts sex drive, charisma, and connection to Source

energies. It also summons creative fire and helps with psychic development.

  1. Carnelian [all Lower Chakras] is a fiery stone that gets sexuality, passion, and creativity flowing. It also enhances courage and vitality, kicking you into overdrive for the boost you need to get things done and manifest your dreams.
  1. Shiva Lingam [Sacral Chakra] is the stone of sexual energy and Prana – or Life Force. This gem awakens the Kundalini and ignites the passion within.
  1. Fire Agate [all Lower Chakras]corresponds to the element of Fire, bringing vitality, sexual awakening, creativity, and passion. It also offers protection and ancient wisdom during shamanic journey.
  1. Spessartine Garnet [Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras] is a detoxification stone that also harnesses creativity, sexuality, and attraction. It boosts fertility and manifestation, so that you can birth creations of all kinds.

The Top Gem for Every Collection

One crystal that didn’t make any of these lists, because it’s a catch-all crystal, is clear quartz. Clear quartz should be in absolutely every collection of gems. It’s the gem of magnification, intensification, sealing of spells or intentions, gridding of altar or sacred spaces, and holding sacred space. Clear quartz will amplify the properties of all other stones when used and worked with in conjunction. You can also program it to hold and remember your intentions. And, in a pinch, you can program your clear quartz to take on the properties and frequency of any other stone! Clear quartz is the only gem known to have this capacity.

So if you’re feeling threatened and only have a piece of clear quartz with you, set your intention to reprogram it as black tourmaline or obsidian. Hold it to the Root Chakra and allow its energy to ward off the present negativity. When the fear passes, you can smudge it with white sage to clear it of those properties so it acts as clear quartz again.

Blessings to you on your spiritual journey and in your healing work with crystals. May this list serve you and your practice well!

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