Sacred adornment for intention setting in the New Year

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Sacred adornment for intention setting in the New Year

I love these days between Christmas and New Years, don’t you? It’s a nether-space of not-quite-new-but-not-quite-finished time that summons me to rest and relaxation. Much of the world is dormant now, even nature, above the equator. As we go within, we become reflective about the year almost behind us. What worked, what didn’t, what do you wish you could do or taste or see all over again, and what are you ready to release?

When you look at my arms, you’ll find stacks of gemstone bracelets like the ones in the photograph, some of which are my own. I make and sell them, often as custom orders, and adorn myself with them all year round. They are beautiful, but beyond their beauty they carry meaning. In fact you can read them on my wrist like lines of sacred gemstone text wrapped around me, telling you stories about where I’ve been, how I’ve felt, what I’ve embraced, what I’ve shed in 2013. I rotate some, leaving most to fall off when the medicine is worked. Some I have worn for 10 years! Gems are most powerful in magical work when they touch your skin. Wearing gemstone bead bracelets allows the gems to make constant contact with your skin, infusing your aura and energy field with the vibration of each stone all the time.

When I make these pieces, I pray over each one, asking Great Spirit and all the guides to surround me and channel the wisdom, blessings, and peace needed by the recipient in order to feel whole and well, and to experience a profound depth of joy in his/her life. I call to the four directions as I string and tie; to me, sacred process yields sacred product.

Are you setting new intentions for 2014? Health, perhaps? Seek aventurine, prehnite, and bloodstone for your adornment. Looking to create and manifest success? Choose citrine, jade, and pyrite for yours. Happiness and peace? Look to angelite, selenite, blue lace agate, and lepidolite pieces. Whatever you seek, there are gems to adorn you.

It has been my honor to bring stone medicine to you this year in 2013. I look forward to helping you, advising you, inspiring and encouraging you in the year to come! So shall it be.

3 thoughts on “Sacred adornment for intention setting in the New Year

  1. Hi, Athena! Do you create custom bracelets and jewelry as well? For example, if there’s more than one intention being set, would you recommend two bracelets or could one be made with two or more gems? (Though I can’t wear bracelets or necklaces to work, so I’m trying to think how else I could keep them in contact with my skin!)

  2. What a fantastic idea! I’ve heard of a Brazilian tradition where you wear colored panties to represent wishes for the new year. These bracelet intentions are fantastic! 🙂

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