Gratitude Giveaway: The Chakra Dream gemstone set


Gratitude Giveaway: The Chakra Dream gemstone set

I am in deep gratitude for this work – for the guidance from Spirit that has led to what Sage Goddess is today. I am in gratitude to YOU for your support of my work. Thank you for every note you’ve sent, every purchase you’ve made, every moment you’ve sent good energy my way. I crafted this Chakra Dream gemstone set (the chakra set to end all chakra sets!) to give away this Sunday, December 8 at 5 p.m. PST. I’ll announce the winner right here on the blog and also on my public Facebook page. To enter, it’s simple: Like and share this post along with a statement of your gratitude. You can share it on your Facebook wall, on your blog, on Pinterest or Instagram. When you share, tell your audience what you are grateful for to pay the energy forward. If someone shares YOUR share, I’ll enter you twice (or 3 times, or 40!). On Sunday, I’ll let Spirit choose a winner, who will receive this entire set of 23 large tumbled stones plus massive quartz point to charge them all. They will come gift-packaged with white sage in a beautiful bag to store them in.

Because I bow to you in gratitude.

Thank you for helping me reach this place, where I am able to do the work I love and share my offerings with the world. It’s an honor, a pleasure, and a gift.

99 thoughts on “Gratitude Giveaway: The Chakra Dream gemstone set

  1. I am grateful for all of the good and bad that has been thrown at me. If it weren’t for the lessons life has given me, I wouldn’t have found myself and The Hippy Homemaker. I am grateful for the miracle of walking and the miracle of a child. I have been given a lot of physical miracles in life and each one will never be in vain <3

  2. Iam. gratefull to to be Were iam at today in life and to have everyone in my life…iam also so blessed for my grandson

  3. I am grateful to be here another day. My cancer journey has been trying. My surgery did not happen on friday due to a supply error. My breast surgeon failed to order my implants for my reconstruction. He was tired and cranky so I’m going with “everything happens for a reason”

  4. I am grateful for the help, love, and support of those close to me. If not for the friendships I have built and the family that has been a solid foundation for me I do not know where my path may have led me during my darkest times. I am greatful for the beauty Earth shares with ys everyday to remind us of the precious things life has in store for each of us.

  5. I am grateful for the path that spirit has led me on. The Goddess has told me it was time….and I am following my dreams and embracing my inner crone!

  6. I am greatful for all my goddess and god have granted me in this past year and I am thankful for my friends/family who are all ok in the Philippines after the storm!!

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