Euphoria Ritual Set Giveaway

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Euphoria Ritual Set Giveaway

I have been craving, seeking, chasing joy. I’m talking beyond happiness to peace, surrender, trust, knowing that all is well. Throwing my arms wide open to the sky and just Yes, that kind of joy. Euphoria, in fact.

I crafted this ritual set because many of you also come to me wanting to manifest pure joy, radiant euphoria, sparkling serenity. The perfume is called Surrender and it’s about laying down the baggage and accepting all the bliss the Universe has to offer you. The gems are happiness stones – selenite, optical calcite, rhyolite jasper, plus citrine and carnelian for energy and manifestation. A feast for the eyes and the aura, this set will transport you and delighted your senses.

I will be gifting this set to one of YOU this coming Saturday, February 1. The winner will be announced right here! You have until midnight on January 31 to enter and it’s easy. Place an order for gems or other treasures of $20 or more at either of my online boutiques (Sage Goddess boutique or my Etsy shop) and you will be automatically entered to win. I’ll be tucking other surprises into your orders, including a sample of my bath salt blends.

May you be blessed with Euphoria as you use these sacred tools, which are only available by giveaway. So it is.

14 thoughts on “Euphoria Ritual Set Giveaway

  1. makes me so happy because it is in total alignments with my current way of wanting my life. (I recently created a painting in my Mama Moon series… her message is «Surrender». How perfect !)

    thanks for your generosity.

  2. I’ve had such a Rough time in my life these past 5 years especially with enormous loss. I’m trying so hard to find happiness and I’ve made a lot of progress working with you. For sure. Euphoria is a far reach but I know it’s attainable. Just getting there is the challenge. But thank you because I certainly am not the same person I was 4 months ago when I found you by accident looking for a hamsa candle! Why I decided to look for a hamsa is beyond me. But here I am. I found a safe haven of love and learning by the greatest teacher I ever had. God Bless you Athena!

  3. Yes, yes, and yes! I’ll be entering this giveaway. Thanks for creating this gorgeous set, Athena!

  4. Was just about to place an order for some special stones… perfect timing. Hoping my past message reached you on FB. Such a HUGE time of challenge turning into change here 🙂

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