Clearing gems and crystals

Clearing gems and crystals

Greetings, dear ones! I’m offering a different kind of post this week with a video to show you how to clear your gems and crystals.

This is the number one question I’m asked by almost every person I meet! I clear my gems at the full moon, and since we have a full moon tomorrow this is the perfect time to practice one of these three easy techniques. I don’t just clear new gems and crystals – I also clear my “workhorse” altar pieces that I use in healing rituals as well as those I use to create custom sets for the shop. If you need clearing supplies, let me know and I can either send you some or help you source them.

Enjoy this video. Happy Clearing!

And so it is.
In abundance,

7 thoughts on “Clearing gems and crystals

  1. Beautifully done Athena! I really enjoyed your peaceful, relaxing presentation of gem and crystal clearing. You’re lovely! Thanks! I hope you’ll do more videos in the future! This was awesome!

  2. Athena, can I use sandalwood incense sticks as well? I can’t find white sage smudge sticks in my area and we don’t have kyanite here too.

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