A new way to use your gemstones


A new way to use your gemstones

You know I love gemstones – in fact almost all I do, in both my professional role as owner of Sage Goddess and in my personal life as a magical practitioner, is work with gems. I have more than a thousand kinds of gems in my personal collection and sell several hundred different kinds to clients around the world. And the number one question I am asked is this: “What can I DO with all my stones?” We all love gems and sense that they don’t really want to be locked up in drawers or cabinets, stuck in boxes on shelves, or put away for ‘later’. Gemstones carry energy within them and long to be used for sacred work.

My new favorite way to work with gems is in Gem Clusters. These are much like grids but not as structured. I have begun creating free-form clusters of stones around my house like the one you see in the photo (which is for loving, healed, and open communication and includes rose quartz, candle quartz, spirit quartz, pink agate, amazonite, aquamarine, and a sprig of rosemary). You can create these for healing, mourning, release of addiction, happiness, peace, prosperity and abundance, joy, creativity, sexuality, desire, passion. You name it. Clusters give you the freedom to add and remove pieces as you feel called and to incorporate herbal and plant medicine or other organic material. The only restriction is your imagination. They can be as small or as large as you like.

I hope you will get inspired to begin clustering your gems in unique patterns. Be sure to include some type of quartz in your cluster to magnify the energies and hold the vibration. Below I offer some recommended stones for themes you might consider:

HEALING – aventurine, fuchsite, lepidolite, red jasper, prehnite
HAPPINESS – aventurine, selenite, candle quartz, pietersite, mangano calcite
CREATIVITY – carnelian, goldstone, golden aventurine, orange calcite, shiva lingam
LOVE – rose quartz, candle quartz, pink opal, chrysoprase, kunzite

Enjoy the process of clustering your beloved gems. They will appreciate the chance to be of good service to you. So it is.

15 thoughts on “A new way to use your gemstones

  1. Thanks for the ideas of cluster that can be created. I tend to do that naturally, just because it is easy.

    1. Glad it’s helpful! Sometimes the most important ideas are also the most intuitive. Many people do grids. But then feel stifled by the structure. Enjoy!

      1. Ok, I dare to ask publicly: would you have a combination to suggest to help with sexuality, by chance ? If not that’s okay <3 (thank you)

        1. Of course! I talk about sex pretty openly 🙂 For sex it would be carnelian, shiva lingam, serpentine, orange calcite.

          1. Me too 😉 Owning my Truths ahah
            Thanks a lot (I plan on building an altar in our bedroom, with your Love candle and a gems cluster. Exciting !)

  2. Have you got a set for wealth? And what about placement in the house? Is it important? I have little alters everywhere =)

  3. This is awesome. I seriously just took all my stones yesterday and made them into the shape of a flower on my first ever alter of sorts. They are all so peaceful feeling, and things are starting to turn around.

  4. I’ve been creating gem clusters without knowing I was even doing so 🙂 thanks for posting this!!! It allows me to put more intent, focus, PURPOSE…..into my little groupings.

  5. Love having a name for what I’ve instinctually done, as well. I don’t have a grid, per se, but have had several different clusters in place for a variety of things, including healing my old lady pup. I love seeing it and knowing what it is doing for her, and, in turn, me. Also have a small cluster to try to get better sleep myself. And, then, there are all the altars . . . .

  6. My new husband has the most beautiful, perfectly round VOLCANIC OBSIDIAN !! It’s like looking into darkness and seeing a galaxy inside I’m so drawn to this stone. Does anyone know it’s significance.

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