Working prosperity magic at the November full moon


Working prosperity magic at the November full moon

At the fall and winter holidays, we naturally engage in abundant thinking; the energy of gifting, of offering to others, creates space for us to receive as well. Right now, times are tight for many of us and in the holiday spirit, I’d like to offer a gift to you: Ritual for abundance.

What is ritual? The word has so many connotations in our society, but at the most basic level ritual is really just a synchronized gathering – of people, of energies, of tools, of intentions – toward a dedicated purpose. It’s a process of thoughtful action and focused attention that raises an energetic vibration. If you’ve never done ritual before, it’s quite powerful. You can do ritual alone by using tools and moon phases as allies in your process; but when you gather with others – even virtually like we do at Sage Goddess – the effects are more potent. You can feel the energy as it builds, and even sense the releasing when we’re finished.

This Wednesday evening, November 28th, at 6 p.m. Pacific Standard Time, you can gather with me for a full moon ritual that I’ve designed to raise energy specifically for attracting abundance. You don’t need anything special to participate (though having a candle, gems, and some kind of perfume or oil will help you follow along), and you don’t need any experience with ritual or magical ceremony. If you’ve been worried about finances, or abundance of any other kind (love, health, happiness), come join us and see if you don’t feel the flow of energy and movement in your life afterward.

Click here to register, and please feel free to invite others:

I look forward to circling with you on Wednesday!

Prosperous blessings,

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  1. I wasn’t able to connect with the live feed and haven’t had a chance to watch the whole video, BUT I did make a space for a small altar in my little workshop. Since then, the sales on my little Etsy shop have been great – thank you so much for helping me to focus on the prosperity aspects of my work, not just the aesthetics!

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