Summoning your ancient wisdom


Summoning your ancient wisdom

The Magical Sabbatical is an online gathering place for women to connect and cultivate their sacred wisdom. Women used to be the Keepers of Knowledge in almost all societies around the world; that ancient legacy resides in our DNA. It speaks to us in quiet whispers we now know as “women’s intuition.” My role as creator and facilitator of the Magical Sabbatical, which runs quarterly from full moon to full moon in 8-week sessions, is to introduce you to your own power and divine legacy. By participating in the Sabbatical you will learn how to:

• Create and maintain sacred space in your home
• Enjoy ritual process and celebrate lunar phases
• Trust and develop your intuition
• Use magical tools like candles and gemstones to heal, grow, and create
• Blend potions and perfumes
• Summon ancient wisdom that resides deep in your lineage and spirit
• Craft sacred tools like wands, medicine bags, and herb bundles

If you have looked for online community of like minds and kindred spirits, and a place where you can come as you are and leave transformed, this is it. Women of any age, any background, and any tradition are welcome here. This is not a course on witchcraft, though pagans are certainly welcome; we gather our Sabbatical practices from about a dozen ancient and modern spiritual traditions. It is a program designed to familiarize you with a variety of magical practices and tools that you can integrate into your own personal spiritual path.

For 9 weeks we gather virtually, at your own pace. There are live meetings where I stream video lessons and teachings right to your computer, but they are recorded so even those are available on-demand. So you learn on your terms, at your pace. You’re never late, never behind. We have a secret Facebook group, but you’re not required to have a Facebook account to participate. The course is housed on a password-protected part of the Sage Goddess website.

A very generous donor has offered to fund ONE seat in the Winter Sabbatical for a deserving winner; this kind spirit has asked to remain anonymous in her gifting. To enter to win the free seat, simply comment on this post or on the Facebook post and mention what in your life you wish to transform through this experience. If you’re already registered and you win the giveaway, your course fee will be refunded. I’ll draw a winner on Thursday, November 15 and announce it here. Good luck!

The program is already half full. To register and secure your spot now, visit:

I look forward to circling with you this Winter. We have much to celebrate together, sisters.

And so it is.
Bright magical blessings,

34 thoughts on “Summoning your ancient wisdom

  1. Athena, many thanks for creating a sacred space for us to gather and to gain wisdom in and many thanks to the sister who’s kind soul has funded a seat for this significant and beautiful gathering of women. By gathering with you all, I hope to transform old paths and linear ways of thinking that hold me trapped. To learn of something that opens my heart and mind to ancient ways and wisdom of the women before me, that I too may learn to walk the healing ways that they did and to see the universe in a new light.

    Blessings to you lovely sisters. I’m looking forward to getting to know all of you in the sabbatical 🙂

  2. I would like to transform these feet that seem so solidly stuck to this earthbound existence into wings that could carry me to new ways of knowing.Thanks to you and your generous donor.

  3. I want to transform and strengthen my ability to deal with feelings and grief rather than just ignore these things by trying to be too busy to feel them, or stuffing them down which never works for me.

  4. I wish to transform into my biggest self, the woman that is brave, strong, focused and who speaks her truth and goes for it

  5. Many thanks to the donor. I wish to transform into someone who can speak her truth, not only to others, but to myself. I don’t feel like I know who I am or what I want, and I need to be able to tell myself first.

  6. How fabulous! I am trying to find my true self and know that accessing my Divine Feminine is key. I want to include more ritual and celebration in my life and would love to learn about my own truths in order to guide others to theirs. xo

  7. My name is Angelicque – I am a 31 year old married mother of two small boys. While becoming a mother was such a precious gift, it has (more or less) forced me to put my spiritual life on the back burner. Add to that my husband losing his job – depression and financial hardship has left us both in a sort of spiritual winter. We are currently living very far from all of our friends and family, so we have no help with our little ones – and no time for our own relationship. We struggle, I struggle, it’s been so hard. I need an outlet – a sisterhood – something for me, and about me, to revitalize my spirit – so i can be a better wife, a better mother, a better woman. This experience would be a total spiritual transformation – a chance to sing my own bones, and hopefully meet like minded women – whom i desperately need in my life right now. I think it will help me with my personal journey through a trying time <3

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