Mind Blowing New Moon – Revolutionary Thought into Action

Astrology mind blowing new moon

Mind Blowing New Moon – Revolutionary Thought into Action

As the Earth and Moon move and interact with one another, we experience the phases of the Moon, technically known as soli-lunar phases, or the embodiment of the angular relationship between the Sun and Moon. We witness these lunar phases as a dark moon, crescent, half and full. There are eight phases, four of them waxing and four waning. New phase kicks off this entire cycle. A New Moon is the conjunction of Sun and Moon. More poetically and symbolically, the Sun and Moon unite together once a month. The Sun then infuses the Moon with new light and energy, and she will carry this intention, distributing it to Earth throughout her monthly cycle.

On May 25th, the New Moon will be in the sign Gemini, ruled by Mercury. In mythology, Mercury, or Hermes, is messenger of the gods. He is the only god able to navigate between the under and upper worlds. Gemini, the twins, represent duality. They are forever trying to reconcile the two sides of their nature, the light/visible/rational with the dark/hidden/irrational. Through understanding the nature of Gemini experiences, we can learn to accept many truths as Truth. This New Moon can therefore help us in understanding relativity with renewed flexibility. With the Sun in Gemini, infusing the Moon with Gemini mysteries, there is tremendous opportunity for enlightened thinking and new ways of accessing and sharing information.

Under this New Moon, I am called to manifest my intention of accessing knowledge, which is always waiting for its moment of discovery. This information may be ancient or otherworldly, but now is the time to connect with it here, in perfect understanding. New Moon energy supports initiation of new ideas, projects, and intentions. It’s the perfect time for making wishes. For several years, I held my own ritual each New Moon. I would craft a special letter or card, writing my wishes in a love note, carefully choosing images and symbols associated with the astrological sign of the New Moon. Over time, I would open these letters and reflect on the power of manifestation through my intention. Today, for the first time, I opened my card of wishes written under the Gemini New Moon six years ago. I am literally practicing my first wish as I write this blog: ‘I want to easily find myself writing from my feelings in a creative and healing way.’ New Moon wishes are powerful!

The New Moon is dark because the Moon is passing between the Earth and Sun. This initial invisibility summons thoughts, feelings, and desires of an instinctual nature. We may feel like we need to start something up, but don’t know exactly what to do. At the New Moon, we can’t see what will actually come to fruition. This is when we must plant a seed. We must trust that we only need the spark and initial force of energy towards manifesting our intention. Use your vitality to shoot this spark of new energy into the fertile ground of limitless possibility. Give your intentions, plans, and dreams time to impregnate. This brief time in the dark is nurturing and strength building. Exposing your intentions to the light too soon can drain their potency. Consider keeping your excitement and passion to yourself, just for a few days, so it can reach its maximum intensity. Sharing or revealing too soon may disperse the energy before it’s had a chance to develop naturally.

The domain of consciousness we call Gemini evolves through the mind, ideas, communication and connections – such as letters into words into sentences into paragraphs into novels. Imagine connections of all kinds; technology, commerce, mail, transportation, and wiring, including the wiring in our bodies. Hormones are special chemical messengers in the body. Mercury presides over information, how it is transmitted (or not) and whether or not it makes sense. The ability to translate information into logical or understandable language is also attributable to Gemini. Gemini is the part of us that can track, solve, and articulate things.  

Gemini is intimately linked with ‘beginner’s mind’. No matter how much knowledge and education we have, we always have more to learn. We block our ability to truly learn by becoming attached to having the answers, facts, and solutions. Information becomes our god. It’s absolutely fantastic to not know. It’s liberating choosing not to know. Choosing not to know creates room for the moment to reveal itself.

Perception is self-created reality. Perception is our experience of reality through our filters; what we intend and create based on our history and the associated emotional reactions stored in the brain. Imagine what information might become available if you create more space in your mind. This risk is discovering that things are different than you thought.. the dreaded ‘I was wrong’. This blessing brings a whole new world of discovery. Gemini curiosity is like a child opening a present. We can start by no longer choosing to wrap the same present over and over and allow the element of surprise to enter our lives.

I invite you to join me in writing, speaking, shouting, dancing, or feeling your New Moon in Gemini intentions into the Universe. Collectively opening our minds is powerful. May our lives be full of learning and teaching, ripe with the exchange of meaningful information, easeful and harmonious in communication. May we know when we need to know and otherwise have the courage to remain in the unknown, holding space for spontaneous insights and connections. May we seek through our hearts, freeing our minds to work for our deepest Essence, in the present moment.  

2 thoughts on “Mind Blowing New Moon – Revolutionary Thought into Action

  1. Hi Athena!

    I don’t usually do new moon rituals- but will do something simple today. I’ve been wanting ease and power in writing/speaking as well. oddly enough.

    Thank you for the ideas.

  2. Thank you Athena. For some reason this New Moon in Gemini has really hit me hard – especially as my Shadow-Self is trying to talk to me. I have to work on that a little more. Your post really helped.

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