How to Invoke the Financial Prosperity and Abundance of May


How to Invoke the Financial Prosperity and Abundance of May

How the dynamic energy of the number 5 relates to manifestation and money

May is here, and if you’ve been sowing the seeds of prosperity, now is when you will begin to see them sprout and flourish. The month of May represents prosperity and abundance. We welcomed in the month with Beltane – a celebration of fire, fertility, sex, and abundance. The energy is much different than in April – a different astrological climate, a different energy, a different elemental correspondence too. April’s wind element energy blew through and created havoc for many of us that earthy Taurus and the grounding energies of May can be called upon to tidy up.

May is the 5th month of our calendar year, and 5 is the number of money. Five is the number of the four elements and four directions plus Spirit; it is the number of leaves on the stems of many of the money-drawing herbs, as well as a sacred number in nature that creates a perfect star. The dynamic energy of 5 calls for constant shifting and changing so you may adapt and go with the flow to call forth the energy of abundance. And, did you know Taurus rules over financial matters as well? It’s true! In fact no other sign is better known for making, attracting, and saving money. Emerald, the birthstone of May, is a natural money and attraction gem.

Are you ready to attract prosperity in its many forms? You’ve already earned it; it’s just waiting for you to call it forth. Like all that is, money exists first in the etheric realm as an energy, then manifests in the material realm. All you wish for is already there, waiting in the ether. But your goals cannot be achieved when you have blockages in place to prevent them from coming to you. These blocks can be literal or figurative. Most blocks, in fact, are mental.

Call on your guides, angels, or deities for help. Invoke Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of prosperity and abundance this month. Call on Ganesha, the great remover of obstacles, if you feel stuck. Your guides are watching over you. Rewrite outdated belief systems no longer serving your Highest Good. Let them go.

Blocks to manifesting abundance

To me, money magic is quite serious. Remember, money is just energy – it flows. Or it doesn’t. Money just simply is. Yet many create a story and belief around money. You love it or hate it. You may give it all the power, believing that it has power over you versus power with you to create the things you seek. And what stops the flow is fear and poverty consciousness, or what I call the “lack track.” It begins with a lot of “what ifs”:

What if I don’t have enough money to retire?
What if we buy this house and can’t afford it next year?
What if we lose our jobs?

Now, many of these “what if” scenarios are rooted in past realities, so I’m not saying they aren’t justified based on past experience – but they aren’t going to help you imagine a different and more prosperous future.

Instead, imagine the other kind of “what ifs”:

What if I get a huge raise this year and pay off the mortgage?
What if I find a new job that feeds my spirit and nourishes me financially?
What if I create my new business and it’s wildly successful?

Most don’t entertain this aspect of what ifs, but we should. This is precisely what magical practitioners do: We imagine possibility. Big, infinite, beautiful, and intoxicatingly amazing possibility. Remember, anything you can dream up doesn’t come close to what the Universe can create through you, if you get out of the way and start believing.

The 5/5 Ritual

My 5/5 Abundance Ritual is taking place just before the new moon, and you can use it to invoke your abundance energy and cement your intentions.

To help you make the most of the existing energies abounding this month, I’ve created a 5/5 Prosperity Kit. It contains all the tools you need for money magic, and a powerful ritual which I will lead you in, teaching you how to use the tools, what to say, and when. Keep in mind that the day after 5/5 is a new moon in Taurus, the money sign. You might consider doing your ritual at 5 p.m. your time (and write the check at 5:55 your time if possible!) and then burn your candle again on the night of May 6 to harness the energy of the new moon, which is your symbol of new beginnings.

This ritual is all about tapping into your full potential of attracting abundance. You will use a set of attraction stones for gridding, a candle, and an anointing blend made of 8 prosperity and attraction oils. The layers of magic in this kit help to solidify the intention you aim to set. When you combine all the elements, like I have in this kit, it amplifies the power. This kit brings numerology (doubles 5s and triple 8s), candle magic, color magic (double green for prosperity), gemstone magic, and scent magic. The stones in this kit are powerful attraction stones – citrine and magnetite to use in a grid with clear quartz at the center. These are my go-to stones for abundance gridding, but you can use any stones that resonate with you, such as jade or green aventurine. A green candle is a must for this ritual, and the one I am offering is layered with several elements of magic – color, anointing oil, and gemstone. Lastly, you will need an anointing oil made of prosperity herbs, so I am including my Receive perfume, which has notes of five-finger grass, patchouli, and bergamot. Are you ready to open the gates of abundance?

I can’t wait to see what unfolds for you. The entire month of May will be bigger and better than anything you’ve imagined. And remember that all inflection of 5 are significant this month; do the ritual again on May 14 or May 23 to reinforce the energies.

Be blessed always in all ways.

Amen, Aho, and So it Is.

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  1. This ritual sounds wonderful, but it is impossible to order and receive the necessary ritual kit by tomorrow. Would it be effective if done in a couple of weeks? Or would it be better to perform it on 5/5 and substitute another color candle, whatever stones I can find (most are not crystals), and create the Universal check myself? (I’m new to this!)

    1. Oh, I see–I asked too soon! Having watched your video I see that we can perform the ritual on several different days for maximum effectiveness. Thank you!

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