The magical classroom is open!


The magical classroom is open!

It’s my divine pleasure to introduce the Sage Goddess monthly programs, designed to offer you privileged and affordable access to magical tools, knowledge, and practice. Whether you’re a lifelong magical practitioner or someone brand new to the world of ritual and spirituality, you’ll find a wealth of information, guidance, and inspiration designed to help you live a full and magical life. The material is new, inspiring, and easy to implement. Come with me and let’s explore the world of magic together! There are four ways to engage with me. Read on for details and links to register.

Ars Magica

At the Ars Magica (Magical Arts) level, you gain access to a private portal on the Sage Goddess website where secret learnings and magical teachings are housed. This program is designed for beginners as well as advanced practitioners who want to deepen their magical wisdom about the meaning and correspondences of gemstones, minerals, essential oils, plants, herbs, and astrological events.


The Sabbatical is a live, virtual e-course on magic and ritual practice focused on personal transformation and manifestation where I offer hands-on, step-by-step instruction to make your own ritual tools, such as magical wands, anointing oils, medicine bags, incense, smudge fans, and more. Membership includes access to our secret Facebook group and a custom-designed ritual kit shipped directly to you each quarter (candle, gem set, and oil) not available anywhere else! Space is limited in the Sabbatical so early registration is recommended.


At the Circle level, you combine the Ars Magica with the Magical Sabbatical and enjoy the combined benefits of the secret knowledge imparted in Ars Magica with the classroom environment and personalized instruction of the Sabbatical experience, all in one membership.


At the Pentacle level, you receive all the benefits of Ars Magica, Sabbatical, and Circle memberships, with two additional perks: The monthly ritual kit for the public ritual events shipped directly to you at no additional charge, and a standing 10% discount to the Sage Goddess boutique, good on all items in the store all year long.

To sign up for a membership, go to

I look forward to communing with you in these spaces soon.
Bright blessings,