The life inside


The life inside

Wherever I have lived has been a tree I’ve watched in wintertime, waiting for signs of spring. In Palos Verdes, it was a citrus tree. In San Diego, it was a peach tree. In San Francisco, it’s a cherry blossom tree. I watch the branches shed their life in the fall and then I inhale, holding my soul-breath until February when I know the tiny green buds will return and assure me spring is coming. And then, the long exhale.

Spring is coming. And with it, renewal, life, rebirth, reconnection to Spirit, reconnection to Self.

This season is about the Great Return of the Sun, which is really just a metaphor for the return to ourselves. Your new growth is stirring within you. What projects, ideas, and plans will you make in 2013? What ideas and inspirations need to work through your hands and come into being this year? What messages did Spirit lay within your heart this Winter that now can take form and shape and begin to materialize?

In my Magical Sabbatical course, I facilitate the development of dreams and the return to Spirit for many women who feel life stirring within themselves and want to find support, encouragement, and magical tools to bring those dreams to life. If you would like to learn, grow, and connect this spring with a magical community of lightworkers who are birthing their dreams in spring sunshine, creating and using magical tools to work the energies around them, I hope you will join me. Spaces remain and registration is open. I would be honored to circle and make magic with you.

So it is.
Fix your gaze on a beautiful tree and find the life inside – the green bark under the brown, the tiny green tips of branches that will yield to the sun and become the fruit. Let it represent for you all that is and all that will be this spring. May your tree come to blossom and flower a million blooms before your very eyes in the months ahead.

Love, light, and life,