Manifestation and New Beginnings All Begin with One: January Numerology and Power Days

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Manifestation and New Beginnings All Begin with One: January Numerology and Power Days

The numerology of January

January is the first month of 2017, and is one of anticipation, newness, and limitless potential. In essence, it’s all about the power of one. In other words, it’s all about you. All manifestation and new beginnings start with you. You are the creator of your own destiny. You are powerful beyond your imagination. Think about it. Of all the single digit numbers, the number one is by far the most influential. This prime number symbolizes all beginnings and the oneness of the entire Universe. This number is related to totality, absolute perfection, harmony, and supreme achievement. As we turn the page from 2016 to 2017, each of us is being presented with a golden opportunity to harness the power of manifestation. It is our divine right. As co-creators with Source, we can envision and manifest anything we desire. Power is literally waiting for us to tap into it and use it for our Highest Good. Source is looking at you and is asking, “What will you create with me?”

The first step is to take a moment to consider your thoughts and feelings at this very instant. Suspend all judgment and be truthful. Your present thoughts and feelings carry energy, and this energy will provide the seeds for the fruits that will blossom not only in the coming months, but throughout the following nine years. This is the power of one. A clean slate is both a blessing and a responsibility. Therefore, be as intentional and deliberate as possible. Ultimately, the question you must ask yourself is: what reality will I envision and set into motion?

This potential of one derives from the year we’re about to enter: 2017. 2+0+1+7= 10. And ten further breaks down to one. If you’ve ever wanted an opportunity to start all over, now is literally the perfect time to do so. 2016 was a nine year, or a year of completion, so confidently take the reins of your life and start a new reality right now. It’s time, folks. Or if you wish, you can just wait another nine years for the next ten-year cycle to begin. Remember, it’s all up to you.

Power Days

  • January 1: New Year’s Day is the ideal moment for all your new beginnings. There is a profound sense of quiet and clarity that can be felt early in the morning on New Year’s Day. It is palpable. I’m sure you have felt it before. The power of potential is literally in the air. Confidently seize the power that is floating all around you, like blossoming flowers waiting to be plucked. If you wait too long, you’ll miss out though. Remember that nothing blossoms forever, so do not hesitate. This power is real, but it won’t wait around for you to make up your mind. Just think about how many people all around the world are anticipating this moment. All this collective energy will gather momentum and strength, like a powerful wave of bliss and creativity that you can hitch a ride on to discover new horizons. Many people will allow their enthusiasm to waver after a few months, or even weeks, but not you. You will make things happen. Happy New Year, loved ones, the best is yet to come.

  • January 8: Mercury goes direct. This will be an energetically clear time to make things happen. Your mental resolve, concentration, and positivity were all severely challenged throughout the past few weeks, but the confusion is now over. You have emerged victorious. Take a moment to consider the importance of your newly acquired wisdom, but don’t linger. Keep moving. As always, your positivity and resilience will fuel all your endeavors. It is wise to dive right into your projects and work towards your long-term plans. Start that new project or begin a new relationship, the momentum is on your side and you have a green light on open communication.

  • January 12: Full Moon in Cancer will be challenging for everyone. No one ever said this was supposed to be easy, though. None of us will escape being tested. Under this full moon, we will learn where we are on our spiritual path, and some of us will have to learn humility. This is a time to remain silent about the progress of one’s perceived spiritual evolution. Some of us may face the hard realization that we know much less than we had previously thought. This can be quite painful. Also, be on the lookout for gurus wearing sheep’s clothing. Many will come into your life under the guise of wanting to help you. You must proceed with caution.

  • January 13: Friday the 13th is a day that often scares people. Both Friday and the number thirteen have carried strong connotations of bad luck since medieval times. This characterization is due in large part to the fact that both are strongly associated with the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. This day is not particularly lucky or unlucky. If anything, it all depends on you the individual. Any karma you may be working on can indeed influence your fate on this day, but it has little or nothing to do with it being Friday the 13th. As always, try to see the bright side and make the best of it. Use this day as an opportunity to learn more about yourself. If you strongly believe this day is filled with bad luck, take a moment to learn more about the influences that affect your life. There might be wisdom there for you as you move forward.

  • January 27: New Moon in Aquarius will provide some needed relief from the hectic opening of 2017. This new moon will invite us to view our world from a wider perspective. Objectivity is its gift. After all the emotional turmoil leading up to the new moon, emotional detachment can be a powerful tool to help us figure out what we need to do in the long-term. Use this time to focus on collaboration and the ways everyone fits together. Be charitable and giving. Help out in any way you can. Be open to forming new connections, and allow yourself to feel the excitement that comes with it. This is a good time to open yourself to the unconventional and the unusual. In essence, leave the past in the past, because the future is now.

Welcome to the year of New Beginnings, loved ones!

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