Why Crystal Energy Matters

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Why Crystal Energy Matters

It’s been decades since I first began working in the world of crystal healing, and there is a single truth that has become increasingly apparent to me over the years: everything is energy. It’s true. We are energy, as is everyone around us. Our words are energy, our actions are energy, and our crystals are energy. Beyond their stunning appearances, gemstones possess energetic frequencies that alter our own – and this is precisely why we work with them. This is why crystal energy matters.

Because everything is energy, our own frequencies are constantly being affected by everything around us. Enter a room and you’ll start, whether consciously or unconsciously, picking up on vibrations that linger within it – by the people who walked through it, and by the words and experiences that were shared within its walls. Working with gemstones is no different. When you select a healing crystal to work with, the energy of every person or natural force that has touched your stone will be shared with you. You can smudge your stone to clear its energies, but it will still carry imprinted remnants and memories of every place it has been and every hand that has held it, from mining to distribution. This is why I put such a huge emphasis on knowing exactly where my stones come from: so that I can know precisely what energy I am inviting into my practice. When choosing healing crystals to work with, it is of utmost importance that we pick ones that have only been handled with great care, love, and intent.

This is why here at Sage Goddess, we prioritize not only the look and quality of our stones – but the energy of them. I believe that all gemstones should be ethically sourced, handled only in high-vibrational, positive environments – and this belief is reflected in the specimens that I offer every day in my shop. My team and I take great pride in caring for your stones; we devote our entire lives to consciously imprinting the gems we offer you with energies of wellness, abundance, and joy. Anyone can sell you a crystal, but not everyone can activate it. Energy matters: and this is a truth that SG holds sacred every single day. Here at SG, we are translators and oracles, bringing meaning to what feels empty. The energy that our space possesses is simply different – and SG followers can feel the difference firsthand in each of our offerings.

In light of this discussion, I have a task to present you with: try to be conscious of every single energetic vibration in your life – the vibrations that you both give and receive. Examine the energy that your words carry and the frequencies that your space, magical tools, and the people around you possess. Are these energies in service of your Higher Good and the Highest Good of All? Do they stem from a place of love, light, and intent? And how can you purify or transmute the ones that don’t? Ask these questions when choosing and working with your stones. Take the time to ensure that your gems possess good energy – by smudging them regularly, charging them under the Sun or Moon, and making sure that the places they came from are ones of integrity and respect. Be more intentional about what energy you invite into your life and you’ll feel the incredible difference it makes in your life over time.

May your vibration remain high and light, attuned to the Greatest Good of All – and may you be empowered to bring that same energy to all around you. 

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  1. Your words and knowledge were very reassuring. I am relatively new to learning about crystal healing. What I do know is that they have energy and affect my energy often in positive ways. For about two years I have been using crystals. I only have a few, and I keep them on my person everyday. I use different crystals for different purposes. I place a couple under my pillow when I’m unable to sleep and they help me fall asleep within a few minutes. I have other crystals that I use for protection. I am an empath and struggle with warding off negative energies in my work. As a counselor, I come into contact with a lot of negative energy and it can be overwhelming at times. I am looking forward to learning more about crystal healing. Thank you for giving me affirmation.

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